Detail of the monument marking the grave of Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton and Trinity Church

Many people know Alexander Hamilton as the guy on the ten dollar bill, or the namesake and main character of the smash hit Broadway play. Some people even know that his final resting place is Trinity Church, where he lies interred beneath a beautiful marble monument.

But did you know that Hamilton's involvement with Trinity goes far beyond the churchyard? In his life, he was an active and vital part of the Trinity community. He also rented a pew in the church, although his wife Eliza and the children attended worship more regularly than he did. Watch a video tour to learn more about Hamilton’s life at Trinity Church.

Changemakers in the Churchyard

Alexander Hamilton is one of many changemakers buried in the Trinity Churchyard. We remember their lives of service because of the impact they had on those around them in their time. Today, there are also many opportunities to get involved and make the world better. Here are a few ways to volunteer, get involved, and learn through our Trinity community. You can also subscribe for weekly updates.

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