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Trinity Votes

Your Vote is Your Voice

Voting is an instrumental pillar of our civic and social life. Our world is changing fast, and the upcoming elections will elevate new voices, new movements, and impact our city for years to come. Voting, along with civic engagement, advocacy, and protest are all important methods of making your voice heard.

In the Episcopal tradition, we promise at baptism to “strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being.” Part of this promise is to vote for the common good. At Trinity Church Wall Street, we vote for our neighbor so that all have decent housing, food, education, and income.

A New Way to Vote

In 2021, New York City is introduced “Rank Choice Voting.”  This allows voters to rank up to 5 candidates in order of preference.  Learn more and get ready to rank your choices.  Check your registration, find out if you are eligible to vote or register here.

What is on the Line?

By supporting our most vulnerable neighbors who are impacted by the housing and eviction crisis, mass incarceration, food insecurity, and access to public education, you can make a difference in the lives of others. 

It is crucial to ask candidates where they stand on supporting those who are suffering.  As a community of faith, Trinity is working on issues related to homeless and housing, racial justice, and mass incarceration.

How to Get Registered and Vote

Learn more about making your own voter plan in New York State:

Check Your Registration Status

Register to Vote

There are several ways to register:

En EspañolFormulario de registro de votantes del estado de Nueva York

Updating your voter status:

Making Your Voting Action Plan

In New York State, all voters have choices in how to vote. You may vote in person on Election Day, vote early in the days before the election, or vote by absentee ballot.

  • Vote Early:  A safe and easy way to vote in person is to cast your ballot during the early voting period for the primary and the general election. Your early voting polling place may be different than your regular location.  Check before you go.
  • Vote Absentee:  Request an absentee ballot as soon as possible.  Learn more about requesting and filling out your ballot through the League of Women Voters or Solicitud de balota para voto en ausencia del estado de Nueva York.
  • Vote on Primary Day and Election DayFind your polling place.

Additional Resources

Once you have registered and planned your voting strategy, research who will be on your ballot. While the Presidential election generates the most attention, local and state elections are also highly consequential. Use this tool to see who will appear on your ballot and research the candidates so you can make an informed vote.

Our democracy requires our participation through exercising our right to vote and our diligence in expanding and maintaining that right for all.

adapted from The Episcopal Church, Vote Faithfully website