Sunrise in Downtown Manhattan, looking up to the top of Trinity's steeple and the tops of other buildings

About Trinity Church Wall Street

Trinity Church Wall Street is a vibrant and growing Episcopal parish of more than 1,600 members. Over the past 325 years, the fabric of Trinity has been woven by the Spirit from the lives and gifts of diverse people; their desire to live their faith through worship, service, study, and stewardship; and the ever-evolving life of New York City itself.

The parish is guided by its mission to share God’s love for all people. Trinity’s programs seek to offer shared encounters with the holy, to cultivate compassion, to deepen knowledge and spiritual practices, to work for justice rooted in essential human dignity, to provide places of solace and healing, and to inspire a desire in all people to be conscientious contributors to the life of New York City and the world.

More than 20 worship services are offered every week online and at historic Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel, the cornerstones of the parish’s community life, worship, and mission.


The Rev. Phillip A. Jackson

Worship is at the center of parish life, with daily services viewed by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. As historic buildings and active churches, Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel also welcome more than three million visitors and pilgrims from around the world every year.


People dressed in PPE give out supplies to Compassion Market attendees.

As both a thriving New York City congregation and a global parish, Trinity has ties to communities and ministries around the world. Trinity’s outreach in downtown New York City includes worship services and a music and arts programa food program that serves people experiencing food insecurity; our new community space Trinity CommonsSt. Margaret’s House, a 249-unit subsidized apartment building for elderly and disabled residents;  and grant-making and other supportive ministries that promote social justice, confront racism and inequality, and lift up our neighbors and community. Trinity is also helping others build leadership and financial capacity, and offers learning through its formal partnership with Church Divinity School of the Pacific and rest and formation at the Trinity Retreat Center in West Cornwall, Connecticut. In all our ministries, we endeavor to be good stewards of the gifts we have been given and embody compassion, integrity, and all of our core values.