Detail of the Altar in Trinity Church

Mission, Vision & Core Values


In the spirit of the Gospels, the mission of Trinity Church Wall Street is to build generations of faithful leadership, to build up neighborhoods, and to build financial capacity for holy service in New York City and around the world. Our mission is grounded in our core values.


We seek to serve and heal the world by building neighborhoods that live gospel truths, generations of faithful leaders, and sustainable communities.

Core values guide us in carrying out our mission and realizing our vision. By their nature, core values are touchstones for prayer, discernment, ongoing conversation, and action. We seek a deep understanding and ongoing engagement with Trinity’s core.

Trinity's Core Values

Our core values are our DNA: they reveal who we are and act as our code of ethics. They give us a shared language, clarify what we do, give us focus, and keep us and our stakeholders and partners accountable.

Reflecting on Our Core Values

The mission, vision, and core values are the result of a discernment process involving the entire Trinity community. Over the years, we will continue reflecting on what our core values mean in their application, how they challenge and inform decisions and actions in Trinity’s ministries, and how they help our ministries be aligned with our mission and vision.

Each month, we invite the worshipping community, partners, stakeholders, committees, staff, and every group at Trinity Church Wall Street to reflect on our core values using our Reflection and Study Guide. You can go at your own pace or focus on one value each month.

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