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Desmond Tutu Image

Archbishop Desmond Tutu as Theologian

December 3, 2021

The Very Rev. Dr. Michael Battle previews his conversation at Trinity Church Wall Street on Friday, December 8, 2021 with Thandeka Tutu-Gxashe.

Screen shot of Humankind

Humankind: "A Connected World"

November 24, 2021

The United Nations estimates that there are more than 82 million people worldwide who can be described as forcibly displaced. “I had known about things, piecemeal, but not the worldwide picture, and I was appalled,” said Marilyn Green. “I started to form the idea of a piece that addressed the situation of the refugee.” The sacred dance Humankind is scheduled for presentation online December 3, 2021.

Trinity Union Fellows cohort 3

Grantee Spotlight: Trinity Union Scholars

November 17, 2021

In partnership with Union Theological Seminary, a world-renowned graduate school in New York City known for its commitment to rigorous scholarship and social justice, Trinity designed the Trinity Union Scholars program to provide a one-year exposure to world-class theological education for students from India and China. The program is designed for those who show the extraordinary capacity to become church leaders and/or seminary professors.

A wooden carving of an angel in the Chapel of All Saints at Trinity Church Wall Street

Five Ways Into Sunday’s Scripture: Hannah’s Story and Song

November 11, 2021

All Saints is also a day when we welcome the newest Christians into the church through the sacrament of baptism and we recommit ourselves to our faith. It is a time when the past, present, and future connect and the Baptismal Covenant calls us again to what we are to do as Christians.