Trinity Commons

Trinity Commons

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Currently open from 8am-6pm for Trinity Youth Afterschool, Sunday worship, and Discovery classes.


The first five floors of 76 Trinity Place, nestled behind Trinity Church.


Please check in at the welcome desk when you arrive.

Free Community Programming

Trinity Commons hosts a variety of activities and events to enhance the well-being of our congregation and community, including movie nights, book talks, family game nights, art workshops, academic support for youth, community conversations, and more. Guests do not need to be a member of Trinity Church or have a religious affiliation or practice to enjoy access to our programming.

For Adults

  • Enlightening Speaker Series
  • Voting and Civic Engagement Events
  • Fitness and Well-Being Classes
  • Meditation and Mental Wellness Events

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For Youth

  • Tutoring and SAT Prep
  • Dance, Arts and Writing Enrichments
  • Advocacy Activities
  • Basketball, Volleyball and Open Gym

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Putting our Core Values to Work

Trinity also advocates for the well-being of everyone by challenging unjust systems that oppress and harm the most vulnerable in our society. Civic engagement is a key component to creating a just society, and Trinity regularly participates in and hosts advocacy campaigns, such as Faith Leaders for Just Reentry, a campaign with a three-pronged strategy for building a supportive system for those released from Rikers Island.

Since 2009, Trinity’s Outreach team has served New Yorkers free, nutritional meals through its grab-and-go Brown Bag Lunch program. Before the pandemic, the program was offered midday at St. Paul’s Chapel, seven days a week. Today it’s offered throughout the day, seven days a week, to drop-in guests at Trinity Church. Trinity also donates Compassion Market groceries to our partner, the Community First Food Pantry.

Trinity’s Outreach team assists guests further by connecting them to city resources such as housing, legal aid, and mental health services, and works with them to enroll in benefits such as SNAP. Resource hours are virtual for now and available by appointment.

Volunteering at Trinity is another way we serve our community. Check back often. We will soon invite volunteers to support our Outreach programs in person, which include packing and serving meals daily.

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