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Online Weekend Retreats

These free weekend retreats offered by the Episcopal Trinity Retreat Center offer a time to pray, reflect, make space for spirituality, wellness, and grace, and listen to the voice of God. Each retreat’s guide will encourage us to open our hearts to God through prayer. We encourage you to tune in during the weekend and mark additional time throughout the week following each retreat for personal prayer, reflection, and journaling. These are opportunities for going deeper with your spiritual practices.

The following retreats will take place over five half-hour sessions throughout the weekend at these times, streamed on Facebook Live. All times are Eastern. Registration is not required.

  • Friday 8–8:30pm
  • Saturday 10–10:30am, 2–2:30pm, and 8–8:30pm
  • Sunday 4–4:30pm

Following Jesus

Rt Rev. Francisco de Assis da Silva, Southwestern Diocese, Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil

September 24-26, 2021 with the Rt Rev. Francisco de Assis da Silva, Southwestern Diocese, Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil  

This retreat will be in Portuguese for our partners and friends in the Anglican Communion in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, and Brazil

This retreat has a schedule unique to our online retreats: Friday at 7pm; Saturday at 9am, 1pm, and 7pm; Sunday at 3pm

O seguimento de Jesus é um caminho que nos desafia a viver algumas importantes marcas que nos aproximam cada vez mais dele. Vamos fazer cinco retiros explorando estas marcas. Compaixão. Conversão. Perdão. Gratidão. Santificação. Em tempos desafiadores como o nosso, focar nestas marcas nos ajudam no caminho do aperfeiçoamento espiritual.

Following Jesus is a path that challenges us to experience important markers that bring us closer and closer to him. Over the course of the retreat, we will explore these markers: compassion, conversion, pardon, gratitude, sanctification. In challenging times like ours, focusing on these concepts helps us on the path to spiritual improvement.

The Questions God Asks

Joseph Rose and Mary Davenport

October 8-10, 2021 with Joseph Rose, Executive Director of Visitor Experience at Trinity Retreat Center and an Episcopal seminarian at Yale Divinity School, and Mary Davenport, a Hebrew Bible scholar and program assistant at the retreat center.

“Where are you?” “Do you have reason to be angry?” “Where have you come from, and where are you going?” The speech of God in the Holy Scriptures reveals God’s longing to know and be known by us. In God’s questions, especially, we find the paradox of divine power and divine love held together, as the creator of the world and the ground of our being enters human lives and human understanding. Join us as we explore “The Questions God Asks,” meditating together on five key questions God asks within the Bible, and considering where God’s questions might be leading us today. 

Black and white photograph of Rev. Spencer Reece

A Poet, A Priest

October 29-31, 2021 with the Rev. Spencer Reece

In this retreat, the Episcopal priest and poet Rev. Spencer Reece discusses his spiritual and literary journey. He will connect literature to the Bible, uniting art and church in a way our culture has moved away from. The Rev. Reece will explore how poetry, AA, and Al-Anon led him into the church, how writing and prayer have become synonymous for him, and the ways God speaks to us through people. 

Abundance in the Midst of Challenge

Rev. Canon Karen Montagno

November 5-7, 2021 with the Rev. Canon Karen Montagno

“Where do we go from here? Chaos or community?” It’s a question the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King posed in the late 1960s to society in a time of seeming chaos, challenge, and change, and it resonates in these times. Explore this question with the Rev. Canon Karen Montagno, who specializes in community development and gun violence prevention. During the retreat, we’ll explore where the Spirit is leading us and where our quiet places of inspiration and strength lie utilizing meditations, the wisdom of writers and Saints, and a little playfulness. 

Online Services & Recurring Events

Candlelight Compline

Tea candles on a stone ledge in front of chapel windows with wooden chair painted black in foreground

Mondays-Fridays at 8pm EST | Streaming on the Trinity Retreat Center Facebook page

Live-streamed from our stone chapel and other sacred spaces at the retreat center, our Candlelight Compline services offer a brief interval of respite and peace in the midst of whatever your life may hold. Compline is a brief, luminous service that marks the close of each day and welcomes the quiet of nighttime in praising the source of light and life. We invite you to join us in discovering how the ancient practice of daily prayer in community can deepen our sense of the sacredness of time and attune us to the heartbeat of the world. Our services are led by the Rev. Mark Bozzuti-Jones and other staff at the retreat center. We generally follow the service "An Order for Compline" in the Book of Common Prayer of The Episcopal Church.

Chapel bell

Sacred Pause: Saturday Prayers at Trinity Retreat Center

Saturdays at 12pm EST | Streaming on the Trinity Retreat Center Facebook page

Join Trinity Retreat Center for a brief service of contemplation and reflection based on “An Order of Service for Noonday” in the Book of Common Prayer of The Episcopal Church. Led by the Rev. Mark Bozzuti-Jones and other retreat center staff, this service offers a holy pause amid the day's bustle, a chance to breathe, take stock, reflect together on the Gospel reading for Sunday, and offer up prayer for our own needs and those of all creation. 

These Trees and Stones: Poems for Living

Rev. Dr. Mark Bozzuti-Jones

Mondays at 5:30pm EST, Sept. 6-Dec. 27, 2021 | Streaming on the Trinity Retreat Center Facebook page

Join the Rev. Dr. Mark Bozzuti-Jones, priest and director for Spiritual Formation at Trinity Retreat Center, for a time to meditate, journal, listen, read, mark, and inwardly digest the prophetic and challenging trees and stones of poems. Come with an open mind, heart, and soul. All are welcome.

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