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Witness & Outreach

Witness & Outreach is a ministry at the core of Trinity’s parish life. The Committee works to inspire spiritual growth and change so social justice becomes an accepted and valued norm.  It offers programs, action-oriented events, readings, and discussions for all ages that nurture a community-based focus on four areas: anti-racism; prison ministry; LGBTQ advocacy; and community outreach, which primarily encompasses environmental justice work.  

Chairperson: Cindy Jay


Task Force Against Racism

Toni Foy, Roz Hall, and Selena Mosley

Fosters lay leadership throughout the parish as the group takes an integral role in leading discussions, planning advocacy initiatives and events, and supporting other areas across Trinity where topics around racial justice are centered.

Prison Ministry

Toni Foy and Roz Hall

Focuses on social justice issues around the prison industrial complex, and supports prison reform and fair reentry processes and opportunities for those leaving prison.

LGBT Concerns

Michael Cornelison

Meets regularly as a safe and affirming space for all LGBTQ identifying individuals and allies/accomplices to discuss advocacy issues affecting the LGBTQ community, current and impactful issues and topics, and the Church’s responsibility to foster full inclusion for all. The group meets regularly for discussion on Trinity’s Core Values, and how they impact the Trinity LGBTQ community and vice versa. The group also stays connected to larger LGBTQ events across the Diocese and the Episcopal Church.

Community Outreach 

Cindy Jay

The Community Outreach subcommittee supports both the Environmental Justice Group and the annual AIDS Walk New York. Trinity has supported the Walk for many years by sponsoring a group of adults and teens to walk at the event in Central Park every spring. The AIDS Walk team members spearhead a fundraising campaign and host educational events for the community. 

Trinity’s Environmental Justice Group focuses on and sponsors education, dialogue, and action-oriented service projects around issues of climate change and sustainability, and other environmental concerns that are impacted by human behavior.  All this is rooted in the Christian call to faithful stewardship over Creation.