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Community & Hospitality

The Community & Hospitality Committees are dedicated to building, nurturing, and sustaining a faithful community through fellowship by sharing common interests, passions, and goals, as well as through attentiveness to welcome by inviting, connecting, and showing up for neighbors near and far, for newcomers and long-timers.

The Community committee comprises seven subcommittees with active participation from local parishioners, as well as national and international friends.

Knitting and Crochet Fellowship

Makes and distributes hand-crafted items, such as baptismal towels, prayer shawls, lap robes, baby blankets and hats, scarves, and blocks for assembly into Afghan blankets. Beneficiaries of our loving knitted gifts include the mariners served by the Seaman’s Church Institute; women and children served at Kianga House and Hour Children in support of children of incarcerated parents, guests of the Compassion Meals program, Warm Up America, and mission trip ministries. Register.

Trinity Men’s Group

Fosters fellowship and friendship through community service, recreational activities, and spiritual programs, thereby creating deeper connections, stronger relationships, and spiritual growth. Our signature program—the Soup, Sandwich & Spirituality speaker series—combines hospitality, food, and spirituality. We explore what it means to live a life of faith and service while exemplifying our Core Values in New York City, and to support each other in living authentic, impactful, and loving lives. Contact:

Recovery Group

Supports everyone who seeks the lifelong recovery process. We follow the 12-Step program and integrate our recovery journeys with our faith lives. Our fellowship is strengthened as we check in monthly for conversation and reflection, meet midyear for a one-day summer retreat and gather annually for a three-day year-end retreat. Members of all 12-step programs with their own understanding of Higher Power are welcome. Register.

Young Adults Group

Embraces a diverse community of 20s and 30s young adults seeking relationship and belonging within Trinity’s parish. Our social gatherings spur fellowship with other young adult groups throughout the diocese of New York and the Episcopal church as we collaborate on myriad activities that include diocesan speaker series, volunteer opportunities, mentoring youth, and addressing social justice issues. We use our gifts in outreach and service ministries, spend time in group prayer, and deepen our faith journey together. Contact Jack Smith at or Eleanor Withers at  

New Beginnings Group

Celebrates the vitality and vibrance of parishioners 60 and older through a thriving ministry of fellowship, friendship, and fun. We meet weekly for chair yoga, Bible study and noonday worship; our gatherings frequently include guest speakers, musical renditions, and poetry readings. We are Lay Eucharistic Ministers who virtually visit the sick and shut-ins, thereby maintaining connections and extending hospitality. We also recognize our octogenarians, nonagenarians, and centenarians yearly, as well as escape for weekend retreats in the Spring and Fall. Contact: Ellen Andrews.

Trinity Cares

Seeks to care for parishioners through fellowship founded on a parishioner-led, call-and-update outreach ministry, focusing on the well-being of those who are isolated, shut in, struggling, or unable to join in worship. After witnessing the racial unrest stemming from George Floyd’s murder, our ministry evolved to responsively create Trinity Cares: Reflection and Action and to compassionately help each other through concerns, passions, and desires to heal and to act. Subsequently, recurring discussion themes led to three affinity groups: Heads & Hearts Together: Police-Community Dialogue, Racial Justice and Education, andTransformative Truth Telling. Contact Sian Wetherill at  

Sunday Suppers

Provides elevated care of feeding, welcome and nurturing to low-income families in nearby communities who are supported through the Compassion Meal programs. We engage with our neighbors in fellowship and service offering a differentiated dining experience centering on inclusiveness and dignity. Round tables are set with white-linen tablecloths, dinnerware, flatware, and stemmed glasses. Our catered meals, from appetizers to main dishes to desserts, are served family-style. Everyone serves and is served; welcomes and is welcomed. Contact: Melissa Mistry at or Keith Klein at


The Hospitality committee comprises parishioners and friends everywhere who embrace their role as ambassadors in manifesting the open arms and welcome body of Christ. In this ministry of service, we aim to make every person who connects with Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel for worship, ministry and fellowship feel welcome and belonging.

Sunday Watch Party

Welcomes everyone to a virtual, lively coffee hour in which diverse, thought-provoking discussions nurture fellowship and prompt smiles. Our periodic “Cookies and Coffee Hour” invitation features easy-to-make cookie and breakfast treat recipes that inspire parishioners to make at home and showcase at coffee hour. Our Sunday Watch Party entails online conversation beginning at 10:30am ET, interconnected worship as we watch the 11:15am service together, and post-prelude goodbyes. Join us by contacting Dane Miller at

Parish Celebrations

Commemorates the Episcopal Church’s major feasts by hosting annual social events for parishioners and neighbors facilitating celebratory fellowship. These gatherings, offering another entryway for newcomers and visitors to integrate into our community life, include Epiphany, Mardi Gras, Easter Vigil, Trinity Sunday, Celebration Sunday, and more. Contact Melissa Mistry at or Regina Jacobs at

Agape Meal After Tenebrae

Models the communal practice since early the Christian era when Jewish Christians celebrated in thanksgiving to God for food, life, and fellowship in the love of Christ. Our agape supper consists of a mini liturgy with lessons, prayers, and meditations in candlelit twilight as we listen to the silence and words with our heart, mind, and spirit. Contact Regina Jacobs at  

Breaking Bread Series

Uses the imagery of table fellowship that is rooted in the Gospel of Luke telling of the two disciples’ encounter with Jesus Christ on the road to Emmaus and anchored in the Eucharist celebrated at the altar. Our gatherings explore spiritual topics over a communal meal in which we break bread and participate in small-group discussions that can prompt us toward transformative moments, finding Christ in our life together in community, ministry, and activity. Contact Regina Jacobs at  

Hospitality Essential Oils Workshop

Introduces essential oils that have been used since biblical times. Erica Garcia, ERY500, certified holistic health coach, doTERRA Wellness Leader and Yoga and Mindfulness teacher and educator leads us on an uplifting discovery about the benefits of essential oils (from roots, seeds, flowers and bark) as she highlights biblical references, healthful applications and wellness benefits beyond aromatherapy. Offered in the Spring and Fall. Free sample oils and materials may be distributed. Contact Regina Jacobs at

Hospitality as Ministry

Partners with the Faith Formation and Education team to delve into the ministry of hospitality. Jesus is the ultimate hospitality role model as host and guest, not having a home and yet welcoming everyone. Contact

Hospitality Retreat

Offers respite at our Trinity Retreat Center in West Cornwall, CT when we experience the conflict between busyness and stillness. The world clamors, “Do more!” God whispers, “Be still and know that I am God.” He calls us into intimacy and companionship with Him. As we respond with full attention to His invitation, we will explore hospitality in themes, scripture, and practice. Contact Regina Jacobs at

Hospitality Excursion to the Sight & Sound Theaters

Invites you on a road trip to Lancaster County, PA, to experience story, song, and spectacular staging that bring every show to life. Classic biblical stories and characters, like Noah, Samson, Joseph, Daniel, Jonah, and Jesus, are crafted in elaborate musical productions underlying the essential message of scripture. The day includes morning shopping and noon lunching before settling in to see the play in the afternoon. Contact Regina Jacobs at

Hospitality and Food Insecurity

Joins the Stewardship Initiative Fund committee in helping to address the needs and social issues within our local community. In particular, the Hospitality committee seeks to partner with organizations undertaking food insecurity in New York City and striving to alleviate the food crisis in our marginalized communities, which has become worse precipitated by the pandemic. We share the belief that everyone should have equal access to healthy food. Contact Regina Jacobs at