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Congregational Council Standing Committees

The Congregational Council meets at 6pm, the third Tuesday of each month (September–June), in Trinity Commons and online. 

Below are the names of council, standing committees, and their leaders as of March 6, 2022. 

Congregational Council

Felicia Eve, President
Heather Daly, Vice President
Eric Love, Secretary

The Rev. Michael A. Bird, Vicar, Chair

Gerald Baugh

Karla Chee-a-tow

Alistair Cree

Saratu Ghartey

Beth Johanning

Regina Jacobs

Cindy Jay

Beth Johanning

Keith Klein

Raynelle Mensah

Jordan Sandridge

David Ward

Alan Yu


Standing Committees

Congregational Arts, Karla Chee-a-tow

Youth and Young Adults, Alan Yu

Community & Hospitality, Regina Jacobs

Witness & Outreach, Cindy Jay

Education, Alistair Cree and Beth Johanning