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Students are playing chess with Youth Advisor

Trinity Youth Advisors

May 13, 2022

Listen to what our youth advisors have to say about the Youth Afterschool program.

Downtown Voices Concert on April 24, 2022

Lux Aeterna Downtown Voices Concert

April 25, 2022

Downtown Voices present a live performance at St. Paul's Chapel, first in-person concert by Downtown Voices in more than 25 months.

The Rev. Yein Kim preaches at Trinity Church

Sunday Sermon, The Rev. Yein Kim, "A Gift in the Face of Doubt"

April 24, 2022

Thomas did not believe at first, but as the Rev. Yein Kim points out, the disciples did not believe Mary Magdalene earlier either. "Jesus lives, not because he can walk through the locked doors and show his wounds, but because he breathes new life through the gifts of the Spirit." Watch the sermon.

The Rev. Matt Welsch preaches in Parish Hall

Family Service Sermon, The Rev. Matthew A. Welsch, "With a Little Help from our Friends"

April 24, 2022

St. Thomas wasn't with his friends when Jesus appeared. He missed out and had trouble believing that Jesus had returned. But then a week later, Jesus returned and he believed. At the Family Service, Father Matt encourages us to continue to tell stories, pray and play games together, trusting that one day, Jesus will show up again.