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Leader and Volunteer Background Screenings

Why is Trinity Church Wall Street implementing a background screening process?

  • To promote the safety and security of the members of our community, volunteers and the leaders we serve
  • To bring Trinity Church Wall Street into compliance with current best practices among leading churches in our diocese for volunteer service
  • To fulfill the recommendation made by experienced security experts retained by Trinity Church Wall Street
  • To mitigate potential risk and protect Trinity Church Wall Street’s financial resources in order to ensure that our mission and outreach programs are able to continue into the future

What will the background screening process look for?

  • Background checks will be focused only on felony convictions within the past 7 years
  • No misdemeanor convictions or felony convictions older than 7 years will become part of the screening report
  • No financial data, credit information, or other personal information will  become part of the screening report
  • Background screenings will only be conducted for adult applicants (persons 18 and over); volunteers under the age of 18 will not be required to undergo a background screening

Who will perform the background screenings?

  • We are partnering with Praesidium, Inc.
  • Praesidium is a national leader in background screening and training programs
  • Praesidium has significant experience with religious and public institutions
  • Praesidium has previously partnered with Trinity Church Wall Street in the Safe Church training program

What happens if I have a prior criminal conviction?

  • A prior conviction will not automatically result in disqualification from volunteer service
  • Applicants with a prior conviction will be given the opportunity to discuss the nature of the conviction with Trinity Church Wall Street clergy or staff in conjunction with the Church's General Counsel’s office

May I volunteer if I am not a U.S. Citizen or permanent legal resident?

  • Yes, immigration status will not be considered during the screening process
  • Trinity Church Wall Street’s volunteer program is open to all applicants regardless of immigration status

How will the screening take place?

  • On line: Volunteers will be provided with an email link to complete the application process
  • Paper application:  Paper applications will be provided for volunteers who would prefer not to apply online
  • Confidential assistance will be offered to any volunteers requiring help in completing the application
  • The screening program will ask only for the following information:  the volunteer’s name, current address and social security number
  • A special screening process will be used for applicants who do not presently have a social security number

Who will pay for the background screening?

  • Trinity Church Wall Street will pay all costs associated with the screening process

What happens once I’ve completed my application?

  • Volunteers who have completed the screening process will be issued identification for volunteer service with any Trinity Wall Street ministry or outreach program
  • Volunteers will be asked to renew their background screening every two years