Into the Word

Into the Word

Thursdays, January 4–March 21, 2024, 6–8pm
Trinity Commons and Online

Do you have questions about the Bible?

  • What is the Bible’s main message?
  • How did the Bible develop?
  • How can today’s reader make sense of these ancient texts?
  • Why do contemporary Christians argue over the meaning of passages?
  • Will learning to skillfully interpret the Bible change my faith?
  • What does it take to interpret scripture responsibly?
  • What does the Bible mean to modern faith communities? 

If you have ever asked these questions or others about the role of the Bible in today’s world, Trinity’s Faith Formation & Education team is offering a forum to seek answers. This January join us for Into the Word, a Thursday evening discussion series that will go beyond ordinary Bible study. Over 11 sessions, we’ll explore your questions about the Bible, and think together about what scripture has to do with our beliefs, our traditions, and our personal lives. We will be joined by leading clergy, teachers, and scholars representing different perspectives and backgrounds. There will be ample time for food, fellowship, and sharing stories. All sessions will be held both online and in person, with encouragement to join us at Trinity Commons.

Registration opens soon!