Into the Word

Into the Word

11-Week Course on Bible History and Interpretation
Thursdays, January 4–March 21*, 2024, 6–8pm
Trinity Commons and Online | Free to attend
Registration is open now! 

Note: Online registration is currently full. In-person spots still available! 

Who wrote the Bible?
Why do we argue over its meaning?
Is the Bible true?

If you have questions about the Bible, where it comes from, or its role in today’s world, you’re invited to join an in-person Thursday evening discussion series that goes beyond an ordinary Bible study.

Over 11 weeks, hear from leading teachers, scholars, and clergy from diverse faith backgrounds and perspectives about the history and interpretation of the Bible, and think together about how scripture can inform and enrich our everyday lives.

We’ll practice bringing our whole selves to the Bible and learn to read it skillfully, inclusively, and with joy.

There will be plenty of time for food, fellowship, and sharing our stories.

Hosted by Trinity’s Faith Formation and Education team. For more information contact

*Note there will be no meeting on March 7. 

Into the Word Syllabus

Week One
Thursday, January 4
What is the Bible? Genre and Bringing Ourselves to Scripture
Dr. Eric Barreto

Week Two
Thursday, January 11
Summerlee Staten, Ruth Frey, and Dr. Kathy Bozzuti-Jones of Trinity Church Wall Street will lead conversations with participants about our relationship to the Bible.

Week Three
Thursday, January 18

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Septuagint: How the Bible Came Together
Dr. Sidnie White Crawford

Week Four
Thursday, January 25
What is the Old Testament?
Dr. Julie Faith Parker

Week Five
Thursday, February 1
What is the Torah?
Rabbi Darren Levine

Week Six
Thursday, February 8

What is the New Testament?
Dr. Janette Ok

Week Seven
Thursday, February 15

Reception History and the Bible as Beloved
Nate Wall

Week Eight
Thursday, February 22

Testimony and Counter-Testimony
Rev. Judy Fentress-Williams, Ph.D.

Week Nine
Thursday, February 29

Women and the Bible
Rev. Yein Kim and Rev. Elizabeth Blunt, Trinity Church Wall Street

There is no meeting on Thursday, March 7

Week Ten
Thursday, March 14

The Tree of Life: An Overarching Narrative of the Bible
Summerlee Staten, Trinity Church Wall Street

Week Eleven
Thursday, March 21

The Bible and You
Summerlee Staten, Ruth Frey, and Dr. Kathy Bozzuti Jones, Trinity Church Wall Street