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Pricing, Accommodations, and Dining


We strive to keep our prices affordable. Rates include your stay in a guest room with a private bathroom, as well as all meals, activities, meeting spaces, and equipment.

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Pricing for group retreats

We offer a sliding scale for outside groups. To inquire about rates, contact us at 917.594.5800 or retreat@trinitywallstreet.org.

Pricing for retreats for individuals and families

Rates for themed retreats, rest and renewal retreats, holiday retreats, and living your values retreats vary by retreat. Pricing information can be found on each retreat's registration page. Explore in-person retreats.

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We offer 25 guest rooms at the retreat center, each with a private bathroom, shower, and views of the river, forest, or farm. The guest rooms were fully renovated in 2017 and come with linens, towels, and air-conditioning. Every room has wi-fi, but there are no televisions at the retreat center. The closest we get to watching TV is showing outdoor movies under the stars in summer. 


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At the retreat center, the kitchen is our second chapel and the table is our second altar. It’s where we usually come together to break bread and be in community. However, while we are focused on health and social distancing, we will not be able to serve our traditional family-style meals. Instead, we created the TRC Canteen, a new concept located in the Dining Room. Guests can pick up meals and enjoy them in designated areas or outdoors, in keeping with social distancing guidelines. The Canteen will be open from 8am–9am and again from 12pm–1pm and 5:30pm–6:30pm. We will also offer snacks available for purchase throughout the day.

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Much of the food prepared by our kitchen staff is farm-to-table, sourced both from the retreat center’s farm and local farms. Guests are invited to get involved in the process, whether it’s through farming, picking fruit from the orchard, saying grace, or helping to clear dishes.

We work with guests before every visit to accommodate food allergies and other special dietary needs.

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