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3 Ways Into Sunday’s Stories for Children: Seeing God All Around Us

Seventh Sunday of Easter

This is the last Sunday of Eastertide. In preparation for his death, resurrection, and ascension, Jesus promised the disciples he and God would always be with them in holy spirit, with and without visible form.

God is with us, too. If we look, we could see God in one another, in the values we embody, in humanity, in creation. And we could hear and feel God in the choices we make and in our impulses of generosity — even, or especially, when we face hurt or hard times, strengthening us to receive and share God’s love and joy even more.

Print, fold, read, and color the story booklet.

A cartoon line drawing of an early church leader reading a page to the community

1. Sing and Dance

“Come Holy Spirit,” or “Veni Sancte Spiritus.” Stretch, move, breathe, and add your harmony. This song is usually sung before the Gospel on Pentecost, which is next Sunday.   

2. Play and Pray

Play Scene It? Act out a scene from a movie or television episode in which a character is suffering — physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Whoever guesses correctly then acts out a scene from the same movie or show where the character is helped, or healed, or forgiven.

Pray: Dear God, who knows about our suffering, help us be brave when facing hard things. Help us to see the suffering of the people and animals around us and to be the helpers. Amen.

3. Create

This week, make Pentecost decorations to be ready to celebrate next Sunday. Some of the symbols for the Holy Spirit are flames, wind, and a descending dove. And the color is red. We call Pentecost the birthday of the church. If you like to bake, make a red velvet birthday cake — with candles!

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