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Recent Grants

July 2021-November 2021

Leadership Development

Africa Leadership Transformation Foundation ($50,000)

A planning grant to create a practical, faith-oriented leadership program to be piloted in Anglican universities in MalaJuwi and Zambia.

Ashoka ($1,200,000)

A grant to expand Ashoka’s programming to multiple geographies and languages after the successful U.S.-based pilot of a cohort-based experiential learning program developing faith-inspired changemakers for a rapidly changing world.

Bexley Hall Seabury Western Theological Seminary Federation ($200,000)

A renewal grant to support the next stage of implementing a new professional master’s degree in theology and leadership for Indigenous students preparing for ordination.

Codrington Trust ($100,000)

A project grant to develop a new model for Christian leadership development entitled Retreat, Renew, and Return.

College of the Transfiguration ($150,000)

A renewal grant to create a new Leadership Development certificate, focused on practical leadership skills anchored in faith, to be required of degree candidates at the College of the Transfiguration in South Africa and offered online for clergy and lay leaders throughout the region.

Digital Literacies for Ministry, a project of Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod ($100,000)

A renewal project grant supporting the continued development of digital faith leadership educational programs by Digital Literacies for Ministry.

Diocese of Los Angeles, California ($300,000)

A renewal grant to adapt the traditional clinical pastoral education structure used for seminarian formation to lay pastoral caregivers in diverse contexts.

Duke University ($150,000)

A project grant to digitize the Community Craft Leadership Training program created by the Ormond Center at Duke Divinity School.

Emory University ($225,000)

A project grant to establish the Candler School of Theology’s Foundations in Faith and Leadership certificate program, which will offer cohort-based theological training designed to equip and empower lay ministers and clergy to transform Christian congregations and their communities.

Episcopal Diocese of Montana ($113,000)

A project grant to support Leading Women, two conferences scheduled for 2022 and 2023 that will offer formation, education, and community for an estimated total of 100 qualified women seeking to prepare for executive leadership positions in The Episcopal Church.

Episcopal Preaching Foundation ($300,000)

A renewal grant to continue support for a lay preacher training initiative, in recognition of the growing role of lay leaders in a changing Episcopal Church.

Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest ($120,000)

A project grant to develop a pilot course on faith and finance into a semester-long course with modules on administration, budgeting, financial decision-making, and the theology of economics.

Faith in New York ($100,000)

A renewal project grant to continue training New York faith leaders and future faith leaders in community engagement and civic impact.

Gathering of Leaders ($200,000)

A project grant to create an online networking platform that will link the many different and disconnected populations of faith leaders throughout The Episcopal Church.

Innovative Space for Asian American Christianity, ISAAC ($110,000)

A project grant to create a program for entrepreneurial Latina and female Asian American faith leaders to strengthen their capacities to launch or expand their ministries or organizations.

Luther Seminary ($450,000)

A renewal grant to advance the development of The Seeds Project: An Incubator/Accelerator for Innovation in Faith Leadership.

Rural & Migrant Ministry, Inc. ($150,000)

A renewal grant to continue support for a program to prepare seminarians and clergy to partner with rural migrant organizations in their communities, within the Rural and Migrant Ministry’s Rural Academy of the People.

Saint Augustine’s University ($175,000)

A project grant to create a Chapel Scholars Leadership Program at St. Augustine’s University, a historically Black Episcopal university in North Carolina.

Sojourners ($200,000)

A project grant to expand certificate programs for Black and Latina/o faith leaders to be first responders for racial equity.

The Carver Project ($100,000)

A project grant to digitize and expand access to The Carver Project’s courses, which equip clergy and lay leaders to communicate effectively in diverse societies.

The Episcopal Church ($300,000)

A project grant to support the Latino Lay Leadership Development Project at the Office of Hispanic Ministries of The Episcopal Church. 

The Episcopal Church ($200,000)

A project grant to create a competency-based and contextually appropriate faith leadership certificate for Indigenous Episcopalian college students and young adults.

The Episcopal Diocese of New York ($200,000)

A renewal project grant to support a leadership training program, Episcopal Futures: An Initiative for Collaborative Transformation, developed by the Episcopal Diocese of New York to build adaptive leadership capacity to strengthen the missions and ministries of 21 congregations and communities selected from parishes across the diocese.

Mission Real Estate Development

Church Commissioners for Kenya ($2,300,000)

A multi-year grant to establish a low-interest perpetual loan fund to provide loans for mission real estate development projects in dioceses across Kenya.

Diocese of Bondo, Kenya ($282,000)

A renewal project grant to support the Diocese of Bondo in completing the first four floors of an eight-floor, 52,446-square-foot commercial office building in Bondo, southwestern Kenya. Net operating income will be used to repay a project loan, be reinvested to complete the building’s upper floors, and support ministry in rural areas.

Diocese of Cape Town, South Africa ($160,000)

A project grant to fund feasibility and predevelopment studies for a mixed-use development on the campus of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, adjacent to the historic Bo-Kaap neighborhood in Cape Town, South Africa.

Diocese of Kericho, Kenya ($280,000)

A renewal project grant to complete the construction of 10 additional tented units (15 in total), provide access to utilities, equip the amenities center, bring the property to critical mass to support full-service operations (including marketing and reservations), and engage a professional hospitality consultant to help staff and manage operations.

Diocese of Niassa, Mozambique ($123,000)

A renewal project grant to complete the expansion of the Kuchijinji Conference Center, including a 500-seat conference hall, 10 accommodation units, and the conversion of the existing hall to serve as a kitchen and dining facility. 

Diocese of Northern Malawi ($155,000)

A renewal project grant to support the completion and operation of a 13,497 square foot, four-floor commercial complex in Mzuzu, Malawi, that will include 30 offices, a conference room, a diocesan printing business, and a garden area for outdoor functions. 

Diocese of Rumonge, Burundi ($200,000)

A renewal grant to add 24 beds (a 20% capacity increase) and equipment for laboratory and surgical care to meet increased patient demand at the Birimba Amahoro Hospital. This renewal will also add 5,140 sq. ft. to the internal medicine ward and 10,765 sq. ft. of support space to ensure that the expanded facilities comply with health and safety recommendations for increased patient volume.

Good Samaritan Episcopal Church ($150,000)

A project grant to fund predevelopment costs to support the planning and development of a multi-purpose Village Hub community. 

Housing and Homelessness

Bailey House, Inc. ($50,000)

A grant to support the Housing Placement Assistance Unit at Bailey House to expand its capacity to provide housing placement assistance for justice-involved individuals who are experiencing housing instability. 

Brooklyn Community Housing and Services ($325,000)

A renewal grant to continue support of the Fresh Start Initiative, a three-pronged programmatic approach to help families who have experienced domestic violence, with an emphasis on heads of households with mental health needs.

Center for Urban Community Services, Inc. ($200,000)

A project grant to expand the Center for Urban Community Services’ housing development and property management capacity.

Citizens Committee for Children of New York ($300,000)

A renewal project grant to support the Citizens’ Committee for Children as a co-convener of the Family Homelessness Coalition, a collective of 16 organizations. Funds will be used to improve policies and programs for homeless children and families and to focus on raising New Yorkers’ awareness and understanding of the lives of homeless families.

City Limits ($100,000)

A project grant will support City Limits’ expansion of its news coverage and related resources to highlight homelessness issues. 

Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence ($100,000)

A project grant to support organizing and advocacy efforts that will help prevent illegal evictions and harassment of Asian residents of Chinatown and the Lower East Side.

Corporation for Supportive Housing ($125,000)

A renewal project grant to continue support for the expansion of housing for justice-involved people in New York City. 

Empire State Coalition of Youth and Family Services, dba Coalition for Homeless Youth ($75,000)

A general operating grant supporting the Coalition for Homeless Youth’s work to improve the lives of runaway, homeless, and street-involved youth across New York State, in partnership with a consortium of over 60 agencies.

Funders for Housing and Opportunity, a project of New Venture Fund ($500,000)

A renewal grant to continue supporting Funders for Housing and
Opportunity, a national, nonpartisan, cross-sector funder collaborative that
seeks to catalyze a movement that will fundamentally change the ways of thinking about, talking about, and providing housing in the United States.

Girl Scout Council of Greater New York, Inc. ($150,000)

A project grant will strengthen essential support services, innovative programming, and transition assistance for girls, young women, and their families living in New York City homeless shelters.

Good Shepherd Services ($350,000)

A grant to expand the capacity of Chelsea Foyer, a transitional housing program for young adults between 18 and 25 years of age who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or aging out of foster care.

Hetrick- Martin Institute, Inc. ($100,000)

A project grant to launch the pilot LGBTQ Youth Homelessness Prevention Program, a unified and coordinated system of partnerships across service providers and city agencies to ensure that LGBTQ youth experiencing housing instability have access to essential services that allow them to avoid homelessness.

Housing Justice for All ($200,000)

A renewal grant to expand the capacity of Housing Justice for All member organizations to advocate for policies that end homelessness and increase the number of mission-oriented housing units.

Housing Plus Solutions, Inc. ($200,000)

A renewal project grant for the continued implementation of the Family Initiative program to provide incarcerated women with the ability to remain with their children and reunite with their families. 

Korean American Family Service Center, Inc. ($200,000)

A renewal project grant to continue support of the Pathways to Empowerment Project, a client-centered initiative to assist women who have experienced domestic violence by providing housing and childcare subsidies, counseling, job training, and other wraparound services. 

Local Initiatives Support Corporation ($200,000)

A renewal grant to continue support of the New York Land Opportunity Program (NYLOP) as an offering to help mission-driven organizations preserve and develop affordable housing on their sites.

Montefiore Medical Center ($170,000)

A project grant to support the Bronx Health Collective’s new Family Homeless Risk Assessment Screener. The Screener will be used to determine the strongest predictors of future homelessness among families with children aged zero to five years old.

Neighbors Together Corporation ($250,000)

A renewal project grant will support the Three-Quarter House Tenant Organizing Project and the VALUE in Housing campaign.

New Alternatives for Children, Inc. ($200,000)

A renewal project grant to support medically complex children and their families by helping them locate to or remain in homes through increased access to government entitlements, living essentials, and supportive services.

New Alternatives for Homeless LGBT Youth ($75,000)

A general operating grant in support of the organization’s mission to increase the self-sufficiency of LGBTQ+ homeless youth by enabling them to transition out of the shelter system into stable adult lives.

New Destiny Housing Corporation ($300,000)

A renewal project grant that will support advocacy and communications work on behalf of homeless families who have survived domestic violence.

New York Foundation ($150,000)

A grant to support the Neighborhoods First Fund, a collaborative of philanthropic entities that supports community-based organizing to ensure equitable land use and housing development as well as protections for New York City’s tenants.

New York Housing Conference, Inc. ($300,000)

A renewal project grant to support United for Housing, a campaign that brings together New Yorkers, housing policymakers, and practitioners to create a cohesive and comprehensive housing and homelessness policy platform for the incoming leadership of New York City. 

New York University ($150,000)

A renewal project grant to New York University’s Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy will support continued monitoring of rent regulations on multifamily housing and the impact of COVID-19, as well as research and analysis of the potential adaptive reuse of hotels and commercial spaces.

Open Hearts Initiative, a project of Fund for the City of New York ($200,000)

A project grant to support the expansion of the Open Hearts Initiative into Lower Manhattan, so that its community-based volunteers can serve as local advocates for the development and siting of various types of housing as well as supporters of those who are experiencing housing instability. 

Osborne Association ($200,000)

A renewal grant to further Osborne Association’s mission to support and create holistic housing options for justice-involved individuals.

Princess Janae Place, Inc. ($100,000)

A general operating grant to support Princess Janae Place’s mission to help people of trans experience maximize their full potential as they transition from homelessness to independent living. 

Queens Power, Inc. ($100,000)

A project grant to support organizing community and faith-based groups to advocate for affordable housing development in Queens.

Safe Horizon, Inc. ($100,000)

A project grant to increase capacity to advocate for unstable young adults and transition them to permanent housing.

Sakhi for South Asian Women ($330,000)

A renewal grant to support the relocation of South Asian survivors of gender-based violence to safe and stable housing using rental subsidies and wraparound services.

Settlement Housing Fund, Inc. ($150,000)

A project grant to support homeless families currently living in shelter cluster units with transitioning into permanent housing through targeted resident engagement services.

Sheltering Arms Children & Family Services ($100,000)

A project grant to expand its capacity to support young adults experiencing housing instability through peer support, case management, and wraparound services.

Supportive Housing Network of New York ($300,000)

A general operating renewal grant in support of the organization’s mission to increase the public’s understanding of supportive housing, share best practices that continually improve supportive housing’s effectiveness, and encourage the creation of enough supportive housing to end homelessness among the most vulnerable New Yorkers.

The Door – A Center of Alternatives, Inc. ($300,000)

A project grant to grow The Door’s capacity to strengthen its continuum of housing services for youth experiencing housing instability.

Trinity Community Connection ($100,000)

A general operating grant to support Trinity Place Shelter, a transitional shelter supporting housing unstable LGBTQIA+ youth and adults. 

Under 21, dba Covenant House of New York ($200,000)

A project grant to support grantee’s advocacy work and increase its ability to provide housing navigation and placement for its young adult clients.

We Are Not Afraid Community Resource Center ($75,000)

A renewal grant to support the Robert Daniel Jones Refugee Shelter to provide temporary housing, employment, and legal services to asylum seekers and refugees.

Women’s Prison Association & Home, Inc. ($200,000)

A grant toward community-based support programs serving justice-involved women and the rehabilitation of Sarah Powell Huntington House, a homeless shelter for formerly incarcerated women and their families. 

Racial Justice

African Communities Together ($175,000)

A renewal grant to continue support for the Break the Shackles Campaign, which advocates for immigration bond reform, and the Community Guardians program, which builds the capacity of New York’s African immigrant leaders to defend against unjust immigration enforcement in their communities.

Black Women’s Blueprint, Inc. ($200,000)

A project grant to support the Restore Forward initiative, a hub for healing and restorative justice practices for justice-involved women and survivors of gender-based violence.

Bronx Community College, a project of the Research Foundation of the City University of New York ($125,000)

A grant to support a vocational training and education program for justice-impacted students attending Bronx Community College.

Children’s Defense Fund – New York ($150,000)

A renewal grant to continue supporting A New Vision for Youth Justice, which will advance a legislative campaign that seeks to decarcerate youth and build alternatives to incarceration for emerging adults.

Community Access ($125,000)

A project grant to support the Correct Crisis Intervention Today-New York City campaign, which seeks to reimagine a community-based alternative response to mental health crises, and which removes the primary role of criminal legal system actors.

Community Service Society of New York ($125,000)

A project grant to support the Next Door Project, which provides legal services to New Yorkers with criminal convictions and conducts advocacy to improve reentry outcomes.

Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation ($80,000)

A project grant to support Future of Tomorrow, a youth-led community organizing and leadership initiative that focuses on dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline in New York City.

Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies ($75,000)

A project grant to build the capacity of Brooklyn-based nonprofit organizations to deliver trauma-informed care to justice-impacted New Yorkers.

FreeCap Financial, a project of Echoing Green ($150,000)

A project grant to support research on publicly-traded companies’ practices that support the prison-industrial complex in order to inform the recommendations and decisions of investment managers and change industry practices.

Girl Vow ($100,000)

A general operating grant to support the grantee’s mission to provide gender-focused intensive mentorship to disadvantaged girls, femmes, and gender-expansive youth in New York City.

Good Call NYC  ($100,000)

A general operating grant will support Good Call NYC’s mission to empower communities of color and create systemic transformation by using technology and community organizing to provide immediate access to legal support.

Justice Committee ($100,000)

A project grant to build community capacity for ensuring members’ safety, health, and well-being.

Legal Action Center ($225,000)

A renewal project grant to continue support for coordination and advocacy to increase alternatives to incarceration and reentry services as important tools for decarceration in New York State.

LIFE Camp, Inc. ($250,000)

A grant to support the grantee’s mission to provide youth and families who have been impacted by violence with the valuable tools they need to stay in school and out of the criminal justice system.

Lineage Project, Inc. ($100,000)

A general operating grant in support of the organization’s mission to teach trauma-informed mindfulness to system-involved young people, the adults who work with them, and caregivers.

Make the Road New York ($350,000)

A renewal general operating grant to continue supporting the grantee’s mission to build the power of New York’s immigrant and working-class communities to achieve dignity and justice.

Marshall Project, Inc. ($200,000)

A renewal general operating grant to continue supporting the grantee’s mission to create and sustain a sense of national urgency about reforming the US criminal justice system.

Movement for Family Power, a project of Social Environment Entrepreneurs ($100,000)

A project grant to support the planning for a national campaign to repeal the Adoption Safe and Families Act.

New York Immigration Coalition ($150,000)

A renewal general operating grant to continue support of the largest and oldest statewide policy organization in its mission to unite immigrants, members, and allies so all New Yorkers can thrive.

New York Peace Institute, Inc. ($125,000)

A general operating grant to support the grantee’s mission to empower people to find creative and durable solutions to their disputes by teaching vital conflict resolution skills to communities and organizations.

Osborne Association ($1,000,000)

A renewal project grant to support the Kinship Reentry pilot, a program that addresses housing insecurity for people released from prison by giving monetary and other supports to family members who provide housing for their loved ones returning to the community post-incarceration.

Pure Legacee ($75,000)

A general operating support grant to support the grantee’s mission to serve as a haven of healing for females ages 16 to 21 who have experienced trauma as a direct result of the criminal justice system and/or aging out of foster care and facing homelessness.

The Fortune Society ($150,000)

A project grant to study the reentry experience of formerly incarcerated New Yorkers who are returning to their communities under parole supervision to identify the factors that support and hinder their success.

The National Economic and Social Rights Initiative dba Partners for Dignity & Rights ($175,000)

A renewal project grant to continue supporting the grantee’s management of the Dignity in Schools Campaign, which works to end punitive discipline policies and expand restorative justice in schools.

Urban Youth Collaborative, a project of Make the Road New York ($100,000)

A project grant to support the Police-Free Schools Campaign, which seeks to end the criminalization of youth in New York City public schools.

Women’s Community Justice Association ($200,000)

A modification to a grant supporting the Beyond Rosie’s campaign, an effort to close the Rosie M. Singer Center on Rikers Island.

Worth Rises ($125,000)

A general operating grant to support the grantee’s mission to dismantle the predatory financial system in the prison industry and end the exploitation of those it targets.

Special Opportunity

Episcopal Relief & Development ($1,000,000)

A grant to provide financial support for Episcopal Relief & Development’s efforts within the Anglican Communion to respond to COVID-19.

Episcopal Relief & Development ($100,000)

A rapid response grant to enable Episcopal Relief & Development to double the size and scope of its current humanitarian response in southwestern Haiti and reach at least 20,000 people following the August 14, 2021, earthquake and subsequent tropical storm that affected the region. 

Fund for Public Housing ($100,000)

A project grant to fund an energy and sustainability workforce course for a cohort of 27 New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) residents as part of the NYCHA Resident Training Academy.

Philanthropy New York ($50,000)

A project grant to develop an engagement infrastructure that will build long-lasting partnerships between New York City and the philanthropic sector, including advocating for prompt payments to nonprofit community organizations, many of which are Trinity grantees.