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Recent Grants

November-December 2020

Nonprofit Finance Fund ($8,000,000)

This is a program-related investment to provide loans to New York City Trinity grantees negatively impacted by COVID-19

Housing & Homelessness 

Brooklyn Community Housing and Services ($150,000)    

This grant supports the Fresh Start Initiative, a three-pronged programmatic approach to help families who have experienced domestic violence, with an emphasis on heads of households with mental health needs.

Citizens Committee for Children of New York ($150,000)    

This grant supports the co-convening of the Family Homelessness Coalition, a collective of 16 organizations seeking to improve policies and programs for homeless children and families, emphasizing raising New Yorkers’ awareness and understanding of the lives of homeless families.

Corporation for Supportive Housing ($125,000) 

This grant supports the expansion of housing for justice-involved people in New York City.   

Enterprise Community Partners ($1,000,000)    

This grant supports the rental arrears fund within Project Parachute, an emergency rental assistance program established by Enterprise Community Partners in collaboration with the City of New York and Homebase, to prevent eviction for undocumented households impacted by COVID-19

Funders for Housing and Opportunity    ($250,000)    

This is a renewal grant that continues to support Funders for Housing and Opportunity, a cross-sector, nonpartisan, national funder collaborative that seeks to catalyze a movement that fundamentally changes the ways to think about, talk about, and provide housing in the US.

Housing Justice for All ($150,000)    

This grant increases the capacity of Housing Justice for All (HJ4A) member organizations to advocate for policies that end homelessness and increase the number of mission-oriented housing units.

Housing Plus Solutions ($150,000)    

This grant is applied toward the costs of developing and implementing the Family Initiative pilot program, which provides incarcerated women with the ability to remain with their children and reunify with their families. 

Korean American Family Service Center, Inc. ($74,000)    

This grant supports the expansion of Pathways to Empowerment Project, a client-centered initiative led by the grantee to assist women who have experienced domestic violence, by providing housing and childcare subsidies, counseling and job training, and other wraparound services. 

Local Initiatives Support Corporation    ($100,000)    

This is a renewal grant to support the New York Land Opportunity Program as a permanent offering to help mission-driven organizations preserve or develop new affordable housing on their sites.

Neighbors Together Corp     ($100,000)    

This grant supports the Three-Quarter House Tenant Organizing Project and the VALUE in Housing campaign.

New Alternatives for Children ($150,000)    

This grant supports medically complex children and their families by helping them locate or preserve homes through increased access to government entitlements, living essentials, and supportive services.

New Destiny Housing Corporation ($150,000)    

This grant is to support advocacy and communications work on behalf of homeless families who have survived domestic violence.

New York Housing Conference, Inc. ($125,000)    

This grant supports United for Housing, a campaign to bring together New Yorkers, housing policymakers, and practitioners to create a cohesive and comprehensive housing and homelessness policy platform for the next cohort of New York City leadership.

New York University (The Furman Center) ($150,000)    

This is a renewal grant to New York University’s Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy to support continued monitoring of 2019 rent regulations on multifamily housing and the impact of COVID-19, as well as research and analysis of the potential adaptive reuse of hotels.

Osborne Association ($200,000)    

This grant is to further the grantee’s mission to support and create holistic housing options for justice-involved individuals.

Research Foundation of the City University of New York ($150,000)    

This grant supports the Institute for Justice and Opportunity’s ongoing advocacy campaign to reduce housing exclusions based on prior involvement with the justice system in public housing and in government-supported affordable housing developments.  This grant is co-funded with our Racial Justice initiative.

Sakhi for South Asian Women ($125,000)    

This grant supports the relocation of South Asian survivors of gender-based violence to safe and stable housing through the use of rental subsidies and wraparound services.

Services for the UnderServed ($250,000)

This grant is for predevelopment funds to preserve supportive housing units.

Supportive Housing Network of New York ($120,000)    

This is a general operating grant in support of the organization’s mission to increase the public’s understanding of supportive housing, share best practices that continually improve supportive housing’s effectiveness, and encourage the creation of enough supportive housing to end homelessness among the most vulnerable New Yorkers.    

We Are Not Afraid Community Resource Center ($50,000)

This grant supports the Robert Daniel Jones Refugee Shelter to provide temporary housing, employment, and legal services to asylum seekers and refugees.

Women in Need (Win) ($150,000)

This grant supports remote and hybrid learning for more than 1,000 homeless youth and their families living in Win’s family shelters.   

Racial Justice 

African Communities Together ($150,000)

This grant continues support for the Break the Shackles Campaign, which advocates for immigration bond reform; and the Community Guardians program, which builds the capacity of New York’s African immigrant leaders to defend against immigration enforcement in their communities.

Children's Defense Fund - New York ($150,000)

This grant supports A New Vision for Youth Justice, a 2021 legislative campaign that seeks to decarcerate youth and build alternatives to incarceration for emerging adults.

Common Justice ($150,000)

This is a general operating grant supporting the grantee’s mission to develop and advance racially equitable solutions to violence that transform the lives of those harmed and do not rely on incarceration.

Legal Action Center ($150,000)

This grant supports coordination and advocacy around increasing alternatives to incarceration and reentry services as important tools for decarceration in New York State. 

Make the Road New York ($175,000)

This is a general operating grant supporting the grantee’s mission to build the power of New York’s immigrant and working-class communities to achieve dignity and justice.

Marshall Project Inc. ($200,000)

This is a general operating grant supporting the grantee’s mission to create and sustain a sense of national urgency around the United States’ criminal justice system. 


New York Immigration Coalition ($150,000)

This is a general operating grant in support of the largest and oldest statewide policy organization working with immigrants and refugees in New York.

Osborne Association ($1,000,000)

A grant to support a pilot reentry program that addresses housing insecurity of people being released from prison by providing monetary and other supports to family members who can provide housing for their loved ones returning to the community post-incarceration.

Partners for Dignity & Rights ($150,000)

This grant provides continued support for the Dignity in Schools Campaign—New York, which works to end punitive discipline policies and expand restorative justice in schools.

The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York ($1,500,000)

This grant is to support the creation of the Justice Beyond Punishment Collaborative, a three-year initiative, led by the Center for Justice, that aims to change narratives around violence to further enable ending the cycle of mass incarceration.

Leadership Development

Ashoka ($150,000)

This grant funds the design and launch of a cohort-based experiential learning program developing faith leadership for a rapidly changing world.

Bexley Hall Seabury Western Theological Seminary Federation ($100,000)

This grant supports the design of a new professional master’s degree in theology and leadership for Indigenous students preparing for ordination.

College of the Transfiguration ($150,000)

This grant is for the creation of a new Leadership Development certificate, focused on practical leadership skills anchored in faith, to be required of Master of Divinity students at the college and offered online for clergy and lay leaders throughout the region.

Comisión de Educación Teológica para América Latina y el Caribe ($75,000)

This grant promotes support from bishops and deans for innovation in leadership education in Latin American seminaries and parishes.

Digital Literacies for Ministry, a project of Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod ($50,000)

This grant supports the creation of educational programs on the Digital Literacies for Ministry website.

Diocese of Kurunagala, Sri Lanka ($45,000)    

This grant supports a diocesan leadership training program for both clergy and lay leaders in the Diocese of Kurunagala, Sri Lanka.

Episcopal Divinity School at Union ($100,000)

This grant seeks to expand content in the required capstone course of Episcopal Divinity School at Union, to include a focus on leading conversations across differences on pressing social issues, a key leadership skill in today’s polarized climate, and will also produce digital online resources for public use.

Episcopal Preaching Foundation ($100,000)

This grant serves to create a lay preacher training initiative, recognizing the growing role of lay leaders in a changing church.

Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest ($100,000)

This grant supports the creation of new Spanish-language online curricula based on English curricula offered at the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the  Southwest’s Iona Collaborative and creating additional English-language online curricular resources on leadership development targeted to the laity.

Faith in New York ($50,000)

This grant supports the training of faith leaders and future faith leaders in community engagement and civic impact.

Luther Seminary ($150,000)

This grant serves to advance the development of "The Seeds Project: An Incubator/ Accelerator for Faith Leadership."

Rural & Migrant Ministry, Inc. ($50,000)

This is a grant supporting the Rural and Migrant Ministry's Rural Academy of the People to prepare seminarians and clergy to partner with rural communities. 

Saint Andrew's Theological Seminary ($10,000)

This grant supports the development of an online continuing education course in ministerial leadership for clergy and lay leaders throughout the Philippines. 

Sewanee: The University of the South ($25,000)  

This grant supports the grantee’s mission for renewal and digitization of leadership formation courses for seminarians and recently ordained clergy.

The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles ($125,000)

This grant serves to adapt the traditional "Clinical Pastoral Education" structure used for seminarian formation to lay pastoral caregivers in diverse contexts.

The Episcopal Diocese Of New York ($100,000)

This is a planning grant to support a new leadership training program, “Episcopal Futures: An Initiative for Collaborative Transformation,” developed by the Episcopal Diocese of New York to build adaptive leadership capacity to strengthen the capacity of 15 congregations and communities selected from parishes across the diocese.

United Theological College ($250,000)

This grant supports the construction of the "Centenary Women’s Research Center" to provide accommodations, study, and gathering space for the growing numbers of female students at United Theological College.

Mission Real Estate Development

Anglican Church of Tanzania ($350,000)

This is a renewal grant to fund an additional 25% of a hotel project cost to bring the project to initial operation with retail, dining, conferencing, and eight accommodation rooms.

Anglican Council in Malawi ($32,000)

This is a new grant to conduct a feasibility study for income-generation opportunities on church property in the capital city of Lilongwe.

Anglican Diocese of Guinea ($130,000)

This is a new grant to build a Health Clinic in the Tonguiron district of Coyah. Net profits will be used to support diocesan administration and reinvested in diocesan health services.

Diocese of Central Tanganyika, Tanzania ($350,000)

This is a renewal grant to fund additional project costs to complete 26,900 sq. ft. of office and retail space in a three-story commercial complex in the Dodoma city center.

Diocese of Jamaica & the Cayman Islands ($500,000)

This is a new grant to fund 30% of the construction and operations costs of a 21-unit; three-story apartment complex in Kingston, Jamaica.  Net profits will be used with a focus on community programming, outreach, and increasing technological capabilities.  

Diocese of Kagera, Tanzania ($200,000)

This is a new grant to fund 63% of the cost to expand and modernize the Ngara Anglican Primary School campus and to increase capacity from 256 to 600 students.  Net profits will be used to fund the diocesan microloan program and reinvest in the diocese.

Diocese of Katanga, Congo ($128,000)

This is a renewal grant to fund project cost to complete a guesthouse with 16 rooms and a meeting capacity for 300 people.  Net operating income will repay a project loan and support literacy and vocational training for women and youth.

Diocese of Lusaka, Zambia CA ($117,750)

This is a new grant to fund limited operational support for  Holy Cross House, an 18,600 square foot, three-story office building in Lusaka, Zambia that was completed in April 2018.

Diocese of New Bussa, Nigeria ($42,250)

This is a new grant to complete a feasibility study to evaluate the highest and best use income-generating opportunities and environmental review of church property in New Bussa, Nigeria. 

Diocese of Rumonge, Burundi ($391,000)

This is a new grant to fund 77% of the cost to expand services at the Birimba Amahoro Hospital by adding three new patient wards and equipment for laboratory and surgical care.  Net profits will be used with a focus on ministry in rural communities.