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Trinity Youth Afterschool

Offered Every Monday-Friday, 2:30-6pm

Looking for a place to hang out after school in Lower Manhattan? The new Trinity Youth Afterschool has you covered! Pursue what you love and learn new skills. Bring your friends along with you and meet new friends too.

From basketball and mindfulness to test prep and advocacy, Trinity Youth Afterschool offers sports, arts, academics, and other activities for youth after the bell rings. Classes and clubs in Trinity Commons include writing and test prep for leveling up your academic game, mindfulness and arts programs for inner strength, entrepreneurship and advocacy for courage, and basketball and volleyball for the team players—along with youth-led service projects and clubs.

In between practice, rehearsal, or test prep, you can take breaks and catch up on homework in the Youth Lounge, and make your voice heard through our friends at Urban Word, the New York Public Library, and the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD).

Trinity Youth Afterschool is a supportive environment where you and your interests are at the center. Get ready for the doors to open on Monday, March 14, at Trinity Commons, our amazing, brand-new space right behind Trinity Church. Space on the fifth floor is dedicated to teens, and we have a full gym with a basketball court, a demonstration kitchen, art and dance studios, and more.

All activities are free and open to grades 6 to 12. Enrollment in Trinity Youth and proof of vaccination against COVID-19 are required for this program. Read more about our safety and health policies here. Trinity Youth show up for each other. We hope you’ll join us!

Questions? Contact the Rev. Matt Welsch or Jenn Chinn.