Trinity Movement Choir performs Book of Job at Trinity Church

Congregational Arts

The diversity of music and the arts at Trinity Church Wall Street is expressed through individuals who contribute their talents throughout the community. The Congregational Arts Committee celebrates artistic gifts, as both novices and accomplished artists participate together in classes, dance, theater, poetry, and other events, providing theological insights on spiritual, social, and moral issues. The four subcommittees of Congregational Arts all serve a vital mission of galvanizing the downtown community through the arts.

Chairperson: Karla Chee-a-tow


Allegro (music)

Deborah Hope

A music ministry program at Trinity Church Wall Street, active since 2010, offering performance opportunities, programmatic support, and venues primarily at historic Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel for artists of all levels ranging from student to professional.  For more information, contact

Visual Arts

Donato Mallano

The Trinity Visual Arts Committee mission is to foster community through engaging the congregation in the creative bench arts—ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, craft—and the new mediums of photography and filmmaking. All are welcome, regardless of skill level, to learn, spend time together, and grow.

Lively Arts (theater, poetry)

Pam Mosley

Lively Arts is a very active ministry. Once a year we sponsor a major public reading of poetry and other writings by a number of Trinity parishioners and community friends. The monthly meeting of Poets Corner helps community members improve their writing and in many cases, move toward publishing.

In Trinity Church, we have produced two multimedia poetic dramas written and directed by members of the committee, with additional participation by the Movement Choir and the Trinity Youth Chorus. We sponsor theatrical productions in collaboration with members of the Arts Committee as well as world-famous artists. At the core of all the work we do is being of service to each other and the local and global community, all based in our Core Values. 

Movement Choir

Marilyn Green and Mildred Chandler

Anyone who wishes to worship with movement is invited to join the Trinity Movement Choir, which brings its slow, dreamlike movement style to spiritual and social issues. The group centers on transformation of the dancers and the audience in performances at Trinity, Parliament of the World's Religions, the Chautauqua Institution, Performing the World, the Sheen Center, conferences of the international Sacred Dance Guild and much more.