Trinity Mausoleum Grounds

Interment Options & Chapel

Interment Options

Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum in Hamilton Heights is a timeless place of memorial. The beautiful grounds of the cemetery and the mausoleum offer a peaceful place to visit and honor loved ones who have passed.

Affordable above-ground interment and memorial options are currently available for people of all faiths. Trinity’s community mausoleums are unique, modern structures serenely integrated with the surrounding historic cemetery. A variety of mausoleum and memorial options are available. View our price list here.

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Mausoleum: Niches and Crypts

Niches–for cremated remains


Niches are interment spaces for cremated remains. Niches hold specially designed urns that contain the cremated remains of a loved one. Glass-fronted niches, which allow the urn and personal effects of a loved one to remain visible, are available in the Chapel of the Resurrection. Marble-fronted niches are located both in the Chapel as well as outside along the terrace and garden levels of the mausoleum. Single niches, which hold one urn, and double niches, which hold two urns, are both available.

Crypts–for casketed entombment


Crypts are interment spaces for full-bodied entombment in a casket. Crypts are available as single crypts for one person, tandem crypts for two people, and family crypts for up to five family members. Community crypts, in which multiple people and/or families can reserve space within a multi-person crypt, are also available.

Additional Memorial Options

St. Francis Memorial

St. Francis Memorial

The St. Francis Memorial is a communal interment crypt for the permanent storage of cremated remains. Unlike scattering ashes in a scatter garden or commingling them in an ossuary, remains committed to the St. Francis Memorial remain in their individual urn. Multiple urns are collectively stored in a large crypt. The names of those interred in the St. Francis Memorial are memorialized on a large bronze plaque occupying a prominent space in the garden area of the mausoleum.



Cenotaphs are memorials for someone buried elsewhere. At Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum, we inscribe a loved one’s name on the marble walls of our Chapel of Resurrection. There are many reasons why loved ones are not interred together, and a cenotaph allows memories to be brought together in one place.