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Trinity Talks: Elisabeth Benjamin

March 10, 2022

The pandemic has highlighted health inequities that disproportionately impact vulnerable populations by creating and exacerbating poverty and leading to decreased life expectancy throughout the world. Join the Rev. Phillip Jackson as he speaks to leaders and experts, exploring how people of faith can advocate for those most affected by these inequities.

Medical Debt and the Health of the Country

A discussion about how medical debt threatens the most vulnerable in society, causing many to delay medical care, declare bankruptcy and even lose their homes.

Featuring Elisabeth Benjamin, vice president of Health Initiatives at the Community Service Society and co-founder of the Health Care for All New York Campaign.

Here's a takeaway:

Patients take time to choose in-network providers and study costs in advance, and yet they still end up with huge bills that are impossible to understand or afford. Take action with the Community Service Society to help end medical debt and stop unfair billing practices.

Faith Education