Times Arrow: Webern

September 13, 2017

NOVUS NY and The Choir of Trinity Wall Street will focus on the complete works of Austrian serialist composer Anton Webern for the two-year span of the Time’s Arrow festival in 2017-18 and 2018-19. The festival presents Webern’s works alongside those of the early contrapuntal composers whose direct descendant he considered himself to be, as well as a sampling of works by the later composers he inspired. The festival’s examination of Webern and the turbulent times in which he lived explores how an artist’s work relates to personal politics and whether the two spheres can be separated.

This event is Free.

Concert Program:

Webern: 5 Canons, Op. 16

Epstein: See, even night

Webern: Lieder, Op. 14

Agócs: All the Ends of the World

Webern: 3 Volkstexte, Op. 17

Webern: 3 Lieder, Op. 18

Members of NOVUS NY; Sarah Brailey, soprano; Molly Netter, soprano; Melanie Russell, soprano