Time's Arrow: Travelin' Home

January 5, 2017

Travelin' Home: St. Paul's Chapel: African Burial Ground 
Stephen Salters, Baritone 

In October 1991, the General Services Administration announced the discovery of the African Burial Grounds during excavation for the construction of a new federal office building here in Lower Manhattan. At this concert, hear the music of the forgotten slaves that literally built New York before the GSA existed, and learn of Trinity’s unique connection.

More about the Time's Arrow Festival
A Celebration of Music and the Arts in the New World for the 250th Anniversary of St. Paul’s Chapel
January 1-12, 2017

All events are free of charge and held at St. Paul’s Chapel unless otherwise indicated

Trinity’s annual festival of January concerts, Time’s Arrow, which exemplifies Trinity’s signature juxtaposition of early and modern music, is a highlight of New York’s musical season. This year’s Time’s Arrow program celebrates the 250th anniversary of the opening of St. Paul’s Chapel. Completed on October 30, 1766, St. Paul’s is the oldest surviving church building in Manhattan. Works will range from those foundational to American music to world premieres and commissions from leading American composers.