Time’s Arrow - Artemisia

March 9, 2019

Continuing our commitment to amplifying the voices of female artists across multiple mediums, this year's Time's Arrow festival juxtaposes old and new stories of the biblical character Susanna. Exploring sensitive themes of our time, the festival includes the fully staged world premiere of the new opera Artemisia and concerts of Handel's Susanna as Trinity continues its presentation of the composer's oratorios.

Composed by Laura Schwendinger with libretto by Ginger Strand, Artemisia tells the story of the Baroque artist who portrayed herself as Susanna in her famous painting Susanna and the Elders. 

March 9 at 7pm:

Laura Elise Schwendinger’s Artemisia


Heather Buck – Susanna 
Augusta Caso –  Artemisia Gentileschi 
Oliver Mercer – Agostino Tassi/Elder 1
Christopher Burchett – Cosimo di Medici/Elder 2
Richard Troxell – Tomasso/Oculist 
Creative Team
Laura Schwendinger – composer
Ginger Strand - librettist
Christopher Alden - stage director
James Smith - assistant director
Lidiya Yankovskaya - conductor
Zachary Goodman - assistant conductor
Ika Avaliani - scenic, lighting, and costume designer
Kelly Ruth Cole - production and stage manager
Mason Fick – assistant production and stage manager


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