Thursday Sermon, The Rev. Elizabeth Blunt: "The Drama at the Heart of Christmas"

December 23, 2021

The Rev. Elizabeth Blunt once found the “operatic” scene at the beginning of Luke, "with all of the drama, beauty, and emotion,” a little over the top. But now she loves the brilliant prologue’s “humor, mystery, suspense, and tons of foreshadowing.” This is the perfect place to be for Christmas Eve, she preaches, “because it helps us feel the spiritual drama in a story we know all too well.”

Luke chooses to begin his story not with a genealogy of Jesus as per Matthew, or the dawn of the universe, as per John, but rather “at the point of transition from the world of expectation to the world of the Kingdom.” The readings are Malachi 3:1–5 and Luke 1:57–66.