Sunday Sermon, The Rev. Matthew A. Welsch, "The Perfect Disciple? You."

January 21, 2024

Have you ever felt compelled to follow Jesus but weren't sure you deserved to? Father Matt has some good news: "Each of us, every human being, is called to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, simply by nature of our being. Jesus invites us whether we feel worthy or not."

In today's sermon, he reminds us Jesus didn’t spend months looking for the perfect candidates to be the foundation of his new community. In fact, "he seems almost to pick the first people he sees. He doesn’t ask them to meet prerequisites for holiness. All he does is ask them to follow." Being a disciple means we "leave our old lives behind and step into a life of significant risk and profound possibility,” adds Father Matt. “No matter what brought you into this church today, Jesus wants you to be part of his kingdom.”