Subway Series: Tara Hack, James Graseck, Mr. Reed

October 27, 2016

Subway Series is the fall season of Trinity’s free Concerts at One program, featuring talented NYC subway musicians. Come in person or tune in via webcast to be treated to the original voices of local singer/songwriters, bluegrass bands that put their own twist on the genre, a beatboxer with a surprising array of talents, and more.

Hosted by NOVUS NY harpist Bridget Kibbey

Tara Hack, Singer/Songwriter
Tara Hack is a singer and songwriter who writes pop songs informed by the stories and everyday struggles of her hometown, New York City. She is known for her acoustic performances in Penn Station and Atlantic terminal and currently plays with the MTA’s Musicians Under New York (MUNY) program.

James Graseck, Violin
James Graseck, a Juilliard-trained artist, began his unorthodox path to fame quite by accident while practicing on a Long Island Rail Road platform during a delay in service. Over the ensuing years Graseck has enthralled tens of thousands of straphangers and concert-goers, many of them now a faithful following, with a repertoire ranging from Bach and Paganini to Gershwin and Cole Porter. His virtuosity and riveting style are well represented with virtuoso pieces, popular standards, show music, and rock classics.

Mr. Reed, Singer, Drummer

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