Subway Series: Sean McCaul, M. Salieu Suso, and Verbal Ase

October 13, 2016

Subway Series is the fall season of Trinity’s free Concerts at One program, featuring talented NYC subway musicians. Come in person or tune in via webcast to be treated to the original voices of local singer/songwriters, bluegrass bands that put their own twist on the genre, a beatboxer with a surprising array of talents, and more.

Hosted by NOVUS NY principal bass Doug Balliett

Sean McCaul, Vibraphone
Sean McCaul is a highly skilled vibraphonist known for his frequent performances in New York City subways as well as higher-profile work with Philip Glass and Yo-Yo Ma. McCaul played vibraphone on Naqoyqatsi (2002), and later worked with indie rock duo Dean & Britta and singer/songwriter Lucy Woodward. While most of McCaul's music has only been available as self-released recordings, his debut studio album, Midnight at the Purple Palace, was issued by Underwater Peoples in 2016.

M. Salieu Suso, Kora
Salieu Suso was born into a family of farmers and traditional musicians/historians from Gambia, West Africa that extends back nearly 1000 years. He was trained to play the 21 stringed Kora (West African Harp) at the age of 8 by his father, renowned Kora player of the region, Alhaji Musa Makang Suso. He is recognized to be a descendant of JaliMady Wulayn Suso, the originator of the Kora instrument. Before settling in the United States in 1989, Suso performed extensively throughout Africa and Europe.

Verbal Ase, beatboxer
Verbal Ase, sometimes called Spongebob Beatbox, calls himself a beatbox from outer space. His subway performances not only feature his impressive beatboxing, but are also interspersed with impressions of Spongebox Squarepants, the familiar voice of New York’s subway announcer, and Darth Vader, as well as a variety of realistic sound effects, from crickets to helicopters. 


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