Subway Series: Chris Hemingway, Eganam Segbefia, Scott Stenten

November 3, 2016

Subway Series is the fall season of Trinity’s free Concerts at One program, featuring talented NYC subway musicians. Come in person or tune in via webcast to be treated to the original voices of local singer/songwriters, bluegrass bands that put their own twist on the genre, a beatboxer with a surprising array of talents, and more.

Hosted by NOVUS NY trumpeter Brandon Ridenour

Frank Schaub, Guitar

Singer/songwriter Frank Schaub performs jazz and gospel influenced American Rock on the electric guitar in small ensembles that include keys, bass, drums, electric guitar and voice, and also enjoys perfuming solo in the city subways.  

Bandits on the Run
The mischievous indie-pop trio, Bandits on the Run, combine old and new with a mix of off-beat pop music covers, reworked jazz and rock standards, and originals. Adrian Enscho (guitar and vocals),Sydney Shepherd (cello & vocals), ; and Regina Strayhorn (percussion, xylophone & vocals), bring their unique voices and songwriting abilities to the table, creating a variety of sounds and styles that create a musical web of sound hard to pin down, and even harder to resist.

Moses Josiah, Saw

Born in 1930 in Guyana, Moses Josiah has been playing the saw for more than 70 years. A retired Orthopedic Technician and recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from the International Theological Seminary of California, he is recognized as a Master Sawyer by the Sawyers Association Worldwide. 

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