St. Luke’s Chapel, 1935

September 16, 2015

This archival film, labeled simply “St. Luke’s Chapel, 1935,” was recently digitized. It shows a procession outside St. Luke’s Chapel in Greenwich Village, New York City, fomerly a chapel of Trinity Wall Street. The Rev. Edward H. Schlueter, vicar of the chapel from 1909 to 1945, is present. The time of year, path of the procession, lack of “Sunday best” attire on the children, and fact that the participants are carrying sheets of paper in addition to prayer books and hymnals suggests that this may be a Rogation Day.  But the presence of a bishop raises questions: why is the bishop at a Rogation Day procession? And, if it’s indeed 1935, is that Bishop Manning? The search continues for information about this film. Spotted a clue? Drop us a line at news@trinitywallstreet.org.

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