Revolutionaries: The late works of Beethoven & Ginastera

March 3, 2016

This spring, Concerts at One presents Revolutionaries: The late works of Beethoven and Ginastera. This festival celebrates the centennial of Alberto Ginastera by pairing music from his third compositional period with that of fellow revolutionary Ludwig van Beethoven. Although the two composers were born centuries and continents apart, both were caught up in the political upheaval of their respective times, and both are distinguished by the revolutionary nature of their work—especially that of their third periods. The festival takes place from in the spring of 2016 during Concerts at One at Trinity Church. It features more than 40 works, highlighted by Beethoven's epic Symphony No. 9 and Missa Solemnis, and Ginastera's Cello Concerto No. 1 and Psalm 150.

This week: Chamber Orchestra Kremlin

"Russia is popularly known for two things - its rockets and its violins. The Chamber Orchestra Kremlin is renowned for the latter, but their music will take you soaring as if somehow there is a connection to the former." —Andresen Dagbladet

John Corigliano – Voyage for string orchestra
Eskender Bekmambetov – “For Misha’s Gang,” Suite for small, regular, large and extra large fiddles (Premiere)
Alberto Ginastera – Concerto per corde, op. 33

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