The Pride Flag Is Raised

June 11, 2019

Trinity Church Wall Street began Pride Month on Saturday June 1 by raising the Pride flag outside St. Paul’s Chapel. The Rev. Kristin Kaulbach Miles led the public ceremony, using words based on a prayer written by the Rev. Winnie Varghese of Trinity:

God, our friend, you told our ancestors that the rainbow is the sign of your blessing and protection, especially after times of despair.

We gather today to remember all those who have worked to make your church a place of invitation for LGBTQ people. Because of them we are gathered today.

We gather today to remember those who have fought for lgbtq equality under the law and in practice in the United States. Because of them we are safe to gather here in public and to live in freedom.

We gather today remembering those for whom these freedoms are not yet realized. We pray for those who live under the threat of fear of intimidation, oppression, and violence by their neighbors or by the state.

We remember those who fight for equality today and tomorrow. We will never forget.

We gather today remembering that your challenge to love our neighbors will challenge even us.

We gather today remembering that for some of us welcome and celebration in our families and faith communities is sometimes occasional or elusive.

We gather today grateful that your church in this historic site is a symbol of your all-inclusive love.

This morning we raise our own rainbow. May it serve as a sign of hope, a sign of our commitment to justice, inclusion, and welcome, and of your love made real in us.

May it be a blessing to all who come this way. Amen.

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