The Heart of Mary Pilgrimage Meeting

May 14, 2017

Join Fr. Daniel Simons for an information session to learn more about the opportunity to travel to southern France and explore the heritage of Black Madonnas and Mary Magdalene. This pilgrimage will focus on sites long associated with veneration of the Virgin Mary and with Mary Magdalene, as the “Black Madonna” of southern France. The group will interact with the living stewards of these shrines, the Roma (“Gypsy”) culture, and focus on the "soul's journey" as well as our outer travel.

This pilgrimage will take place May 22-30, 2018. Registrations are due required by May 25, 2017.

Are you interested but unable to attend this meeting? Feel free to contact Fr. Daniel Simons at 347.601.9612 or email to have your questions answered and learn more.