Family Service Sermon, The Rev. Matthew A. Welsch: "You Are Important"

June 18, 2023

"Jesus called people from different ages, backgrounds, abilities, experiences, and identities and he said, 'All of you are important,'” explained the Rev. Matt Welsch at today's Family Service in Trinity Church. 

Twelve young volunteers from the parish joined Fr. Matt as the 12 disciples to help us picture the diversity of that group, and of our own church community and city. He then left us with the same assignment given all those years ago to the 12: Heal the sick, feed the hungry, set prisoners free, and tell the Good News of God's love for everyone. 

The readings are Genesis 18:1-8; Psalm 116:1, 10-12, 15, 17; and Matthew 9:35-10:4. Watch the sermon.

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