Faith Education

Equalizing Expectations

December 12, 2014

Economic inequality reveals itself repeatedly in public schools where the probability of academic success for children is almost always directly related to the wealth of the neighborhood where their school is located.  But churches are making a difference by opening their doors to low income public school students, as Nicole Baker Fulgham shows us in a visit to two such churches in Indianapolis. Learn more about TI2015 here.

Advent Questions for Reflection

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Set aside 50 minutes with your small group. Watch the video together. Then discuss questions such as the following, or others that feel relevant to your community. 1) What role has education played in your life? 2) In the video, Pastor Mike Bowling believes that supporting education is an important part of his church’s calling to transform society. Do you see education as a justice issue that churches should take into account? 3) Nicole Baker Fulgham says that in the United States we have two separate and unequal school systems, based on race and class. How do you see that affecting our communities? 4) In your own experience, how would you describe the role of expectations in children’s development?  5) Before you finish in prayer, ask what new possibilities you see, based on today’s discussion. 

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