Faith Education

Discovery: Wonder and the Spiritual Journey

October 23, 2016

The human spirit needs to experience states of childlike wonder and awe to be reminded that we are a part of something bigger. Awe-inspiring experiences are universal across all humanity, part and parcel of the spiritual journey, impelling us to grow. The 21c hand-illuminated manuscript of The St. John’s Bible inspired wonder for the calligraphers and artists who created it, using medieval methods. Learn about their experience and enter into wonder as we view the limited edition on display close up.

Followed by guided discussions on Oct. 30, Nov. 6 & 13 in the Manning Room in Trinity Church with Trinity creative artists.

David J. Allaway is the Director of the Saint John’s Bible Heritage Program at St. John’s University. He will bring to Trinity a limited edition of The Gospel and Acts for close-up viewing.

More About this Series

This fall, discovery presents an 8-week exploration of the mysteries of the spiritual journey. Our September featured speaker, Dr. Ann B. Ulanov, will open a conversation on the role of fear in our spiritual lives. Our October featured speaker, David J. Allaway, will present a profound visual testament to wonder, the creative first step on the spiritual journey. In this new Discovery format, each presentation is followed by class sessions of guided discussion in the weeks that follow, to unpack and contextualize fear and wonder in relation to our lived experience of the spiritual life.

Faith Education