Faith Education

Discovery: Gun Violence NYC

January 25, 2015

This Week: Advocacy and Empowerment: Making Our Voice Heard
Co-facilitators: Robert Gangi, director, Police Reform Organizing Project and Celeste Morris, President, MorrisAllsop Public Affairs

…And None Shall Make Them Afraid are words spoken by the prophet Ezekiel (34:28) to God’s people in a time of violent turmoil and offer a vision of God’s Shalom, the deep and lasting peace that comes with justice, in a land where all are cared for, especially the most vulnerable. In New York City today we witness violence against people of color, against police, against the very fabric that holds us together. In this series we will ask how we, as people of faith, can join hands across all the barriers that divide us to seek peace and healing. What steps can we take? What vision can sustain us?

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