Concerts at One - Project Trio

December 10, 2015

Concerts at One provides the Lower Manhattan community with the finest professional vocal and instrumental performances of emerging and established artists and features a diversity of music styles, from jazz to classical. The series provides a weekly musical respite for neighborhood residents, downtown workers, tourists, and music lovers.

This week: “From Bach to Rock to Hip Hop” Project Trio

This genre-defying group delivers "subversive humor and first-rate playing" (Wall Street Journal). Expect a program that includes classical, jazz, rock, hip-hop, salsa, and everything in between! 

Greg Patillo, flute
Eric Stephenson, cello
Peter Seymour, bass

Combining the virtuosity of world-class artists with the energy of rock stars,PROJECT Trio is breaking down traditional ideas of chamber music. Blending their classical training with an eclectic taste in musical styles, they make a big impact on audiences of all ages. The genre-defying Trio is acclaimed by the press as "packed with musicianship, joy and surprise" and "exciting a new generation of listeners about the joys of classical and jazz music."

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