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Church Credit Champions

December 3, 2014

People with lower incomes are not only more likely to run short of money, they must almost always pay a lot more to borrow it.  Now, more and more churches in England are treating that inequality as a moral issue--- and they’re taking to the streets to preach for justice. Click here to learn more about TI2015.

Advent Questions for Reflection

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Set aside 50 minutes with your small group. Watch the video together. Then discuss questions such as the following, or others that feel relevant to your community. 1) Does it surprise you to see a church so focused on its members’ economic lives? Why or why not? 2) In your experience, how do the ways we handle money express our spiritual and ethical beliefs? 3) Do you see exploitative economic practices (e.g., predatory loans) happening in your community? In what ways do you consider this a justice issue? 4) How do you seek to balance traditional devotional practices with working for justice? In your experience, how do the two support each other? 5) Before you finish in prayer, ask what new possibilities you see, based on today’s discussion. 

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