Calming the Anxious Mind with Dr. Kirk Bingaman

November 9, 2023

It’s normal to feel anxious, yet Jesus teaches, “Do not be anxious about tomorrow.” So, how do we do this?  

Join Dr. Kirk Bingaman to explore how mindfulness and spiritual practice can help us cope with feelings of anxiety and reactivity, so we can respond to ourselves — and the world around us — with compassion. 

Learn how contemplative practice: 

  • Affects the brain and helps us manage uncomfortable feelings 
  • Empowers us to be less reactive and recover quickly when we are reactive 
  • Mitigates judgment and cultivates compassion for self and others 
  • Enables us to detach from expectations and live in the present moment 

Light dinner will be served at 6pm, with a program start time of 6:30pm. Registration is requested but not required. 

To watch live, go to Trinity’s homepage a few minutes before the start time and look for "Watch Live Now" in the upper right corner.