Anthems with Downtown Voices and NOVUS NY

November 13, 2022

David Lang national anthems
Ola Gjeilo Dark and Luminous Night
Jenni Brandon Tonight a Stolen Moment
Jessie Montgomery Source Code
Undine Smith Moore We Shall Walk Through the Valley

Downtown Voices and the NOVUS NY string quartet present works by Undine Smith Moore, Jessie Montgomery, Jenni Brandon, and David Lang in an array of selections that explore various composers' takes on an “anthem” or a song that represents ideals. Montgomery’s stunning Source Code takes inspiration from spirituals, and Gjeilo’s Dark and Luminous Night portrays the journey of the soul as it is guided out of darkness by the light of love. The centerpiece of the concert is David Lang’s national anthems, a meditative reflection on themes of peace, war, patriotism, pride of place, and what it means to defend freedom that is ultimately fragile and delicate. National anthems culminates in a powerful contemplation of our common fate that despite lines drawn on a map, we are all inextricably linked in our human experiences.

Downtown Voices; NOVUS NY String Quartet; Stephen Sands, conductor

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