1991 Ticker-Tape Parade

July 15, 2015

On July 10, 2015, New York celebrated the U.S. Women┬╣s National Soccer Team with the 206th ticker-tape parade up Broadway from the Battery to City Hall. This throwback video provides a glimpse of the 194th ticker-tape parade honoring Persian Gulf War veterans, held June 10, 1991. The first ticker-tape parade was held on October 28, 1886, at the dedication of the Statue of Liberty. The most paper ever thrown--3,474 tons--was on August 13, 1969, at the parade honoring Neil A. Armstrong, Col. Buzz Aldrin, and Lt. Col. Michael Collins, Apollo 11 Astronauts, for the first manned moon landing. For a complete list of ticker-tape parades compiled by the Downtown Alliance, click here.

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