11:15am Easter Day Sermon, The Rev. Phillip A. Jackson: "Power Can No Longer Win"

April 17, 2022

Three groups vied for power 2,000 years ago: the autocracy, the theocracy, and an itinerant, charismatic preacher. Those in power did what they always did. "The leader shut it down in the only way a military autocracy knows: they had the person killed." Sparing no gory details, the Rev. Phillip A. Jackson, Rector of Trinity Church Wall Street, detailed the events surrounding Jesus's death and resurrection in his sermon on Easter Sunday.

"Power frequently looks like it wins, sounds like it wins. It can frighten and intimidate and kill. But power can't win! It can't win anymore because the tomb is empty. Because God raised Jesus from the dead. Because death is no more. There's nothing more to fear. Nothing more to hate. Power as we think of it can't win anymore." The readings are Isaiah 65:17–25; Psalm 118; 1 Corinthians 15:19–26; and Luke 24:1–12.

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