Watch Trinity Institute: The Good News Now

For more than four decades Trinity Institute has convened theologians both widely noted and newly emerging to help clergy and lay persons think theologically about the important topics of the day and to explore classical theology faithfully in light of new developments in science and culture, in order to support catalytic leadership in the church. In recent years these conferences and symposia have been webcast for participants at partner sites around the globe. Now Trinity is making these resources available online, formatted for use in study groups, retreats, and other forms of Christian education. Talks, panels, and interviews may be streamed for individuals or groups, and supporting materials are available for group leaders and formation directors. We begin with the most recently conference and will add materials both new and archival as the months go by.

What's the Good News About Religion?

Keynote Address

David Sloan Wilson

David Sloan Wilson: Evolution, Religion, and Creating Meaning