Trinity Church exterior lit up in orange and yellow

Vestry Election Results

The Annual Vestry Election was held April 19, 2022. The following persons were elected:

Church Wardens

Mr. John G. Talty

Ms. Susan Hewitt


Members of the Vestry

Ms. Sara Queen

Ms. Mary Katherine Wold

Mr. Christian B. Hylton

Ms. Gabrielle E. Sulzberger

Mr. Peter D. Barbey

Ms. Lynne Jordal Martin

Mr. Matthew Knisely

Mr. Christopher Mann

Mr. Martez Moore

Ms. Hilary Pennington

Ms. Gayle Robinson

Ms. Patricia Graue

Dr. Sharon Hardy

Mr. David Humphreville

Dr. Susan Ward

Dr. Scott E. Evenbeck

Mr. William H. Wright II

Ms. Susan Hinkson-Carling

Mr. Joel Motley

Mr. Tim Wray