The congregation gathers for Holy Eucharist at Trinity Church
Photo: Leo Sorel

An Update from Fr. Phil and Fr. Michael Regarding Sunday Worship

Dear members of the Trinity community,

As the Omicron variant continues to spread exponentially in New York City and elsewhere, we have decided to continue on our path of caution for the month of January. After conversations with our wardens, the Congregational Council, and our medical adviser, Dr. David Shulkin, former U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs, we will be limiting Sunday services to the 11:15am Holy Eucharist only — in person and online — for this month. Our weekday 12:05pm service will continue to be offered online, and most of our planned activities for the month will take place online only as well. We hope this will lower the chances of exposure for our congregation, our clergy and staff, and visitors, while allowing us to serve those who seek in-person worship.

As we announced before Christmas, for in-person services, we now require proof of vaccination for all who are eligible to be vaccinated (all those age 5 and up). We also will continue to conduct health screenings, limit the number of people who can be in the church, maintain social distancing in the pews, and require all participants to wear masks. You can find the details of our vaccination requirement and our health practices here.

We are hopeful that the current wave will be short-lived and that we’ll be able to resume our Sunday worship services and in-person activities in February. In the meantime, please attend worship in the way that feels best to you, and continue to do all you can to keep yourself and your loved ones safe — get vaccinated, get a booster shot if you’re eligible, maintain social distancing, and wear a mask.

As always, we pray for all who are sick, for caregivers, medical workers, and all whose lives have been and are still being upended. We ask for strength for all who are wearied by this ongoing pandemic. And on this last day of Christmastide, we continue to look with hope to the Christ Child who came and who lives among us.


Phil and Michael

The Rev. Phillip A. Jackson

The Rev. Michael A. Bird