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Trinity Church Wall Street Awards $7 Million in 2020 to Build Financial Capacity and Leadership Skills Throughout the Anglican Communion

Grants will go to dioceses, seminaries, and leadership training organizations to fund projects, including building affordable housing, hospitals, and developing skills for digital ministry and leadership. 

NEW YORK, NY, December 17 – Trinity Church Wall Street announced today that it is providing $4 million in its latest set of grants to build financial capacity for the Church and leadership development for people of faith, lay and ordained.  The grants range from $10,000 to $500,000 and the funds will go to grantees in the United States, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

Of the total, about $2.2 million will go to dioceses and organizations in Africa and the Caribbean.  The latest grants are in addition to $1.5 million in emergency COVID-19 grants to international organizations  and $1.4 million awarded to support Anglican partners earlier this year, bringing the 2020 total to $7 million.

In Kagera, Tanzania, the diocese will use a $200,000 grant to expand its primary school, which will allow them to go from teaching 256 students to 600.  The school is important to the area because of its commitment to gender equity and scholarships for students in need.

“It is so important for our partners in Africa and the Caribbean to continue serving their communities, especially as COVID-19 continues to spread,” said the Rev. Phillip A. Jackson, Priest-in-charge and Vicar of Trinity. “Trinity is proud to work with the Anglican Communion to create sustainable missions that can serve communities for generations.”

The Diocese of Jamaica, West Indies, will receive $500,000.  This money will help complete a project that will provide affordable housing to working-class Jamaicans.

The Anglican Diocese of Guinea will receive $130,000 to construct a 12-bed hospital and outpatient center in the district of Coyah that will provide low-cost healthcare to approximately 18,000 patients annually in an area with a 58% poverty rate.

“These grants will have a direct social impact in communities that were already struggling before the global pandemic,” said the Rev. James Clark III, Managing Director, Mission Real Estate Development at Trinity.

The Mission Real Estate Development initiative helps churches discern, plan and develop projects to generate income for ministry and build vibrant communities.

 “Building sustainable financial capacity is even more important now for our partners in Africa and the Caribbean.  Our hope is that these funds will generate direct investments in ministry, garner community support, and strengthen the financial health of churches,” said Clark.

Trinity advances its commitment to leadership development by awarding $1.8 million in grants to seminaries, dioceses and non-profits.

The College of Transfiguration, a seminary in South Africa, will receive $150,000 to implement a capstone course in leadership for its degree candidates and a parallel online continuing education program in practical leadership skills for clergy across Southern Africa, deepening their capacity to lead transformative social change through their congregations and communities.

Robert Garris, Managing Director for Leadership Development at Trinity, said, “These grants advance our goal of developing faith leaders, both clergy and lay, whose leadership is embedded in the values of faith and empowered by practical leadership and management skills that bridge congregation and neighborhood.”

The grantees are:

Diocese of Rumonge, Burundi $391,000

Diocese of Katanga, Congo $128,000

Diocese of Guinea $130,000

Anglican Council of Malawi $32,000

Diocese of New Bussa, Nigeria $42,250

Diocese of Central Tanganyika, Tanzania $350,000

Diocese of Kagera, Tanzania $200,000

Anglican Church of Tanzania $350,000

Diocese of Jamaica & the Cayman Islands, West Indies $500,000

Diocese of Lusaka, Zambia $117,750

Episcopal Divinity School at Union $100,000

College of the Transfiguration, South Africa $150,000

Bexley Hall Seabury Western Theological Seminary $100,000

The Commission for Theological Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (CETALC) $75,000

United Theological College, India $250,000

Rural & Migrant Ministry $50,000

Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest $100,000

Sewanee, the University of the South $25,000

Saint Andrews Theological Seminary, Philippines $10,000

Luther Seminary $150,000

The Episcopal Diocese of New York $100,000

The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles $125,000

Diocese of Kurunagala, Sri Lanka $45,000

Ashoka $150,000

Faith in New York $50,000

Episcopal Preaching Foundation $100,000

Digital Literacy for Ministry (TLGCS) $50,000

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