Members of Trinity's Philanthropies team and Vestry visit University Settlement House, November 2021.

Praying, Funding, Advocating

In the Episcopal Church, we pray every Sunday for our political leaders. We do so regardless of party, or how we personally may have voted.  At Trinity, we specifically name the president, the New York state governor, and the New York City mayor. One year ago, at the beginning of 2021, we were praying for “Donald, Andrew, and Bill.” Now we are praying for “Joseph, Kathy, and Eric."  It’s unprecedented to have that complete turnover in one year, and symbolic of the breadth of change and transitions in 2021.

Trinity seeks to support our grantees in responding to—and shaping—change, as well as contributing our own voice.  In 2021, Trinity made nearly $47 million in grants to 286 grantees in New York City, the United States, and across the global Anglican Communion. This infographic gives a sense of scale and focus.  

Three key themes informed the grantmaking we funded in 2021:

First, investing upstream.

2021 grantmaking infographic - investing upstream

From over $1 million towards eviction prevention to $3.75 million towards community solutions to prevent violence, we are looking to invest in people and communities now, rather than try to respond to the challenges of homelessness and incarceration later.   

Second, walking alongside our grantees.

2021 grantmaking infographic - walking alongside our grantees

That includes building their capacity to do more. In 2021, we made a $2.3 million grant to the Church Commissioners of Kenya to create a loan fund to support the financing of mission real estate development projects by Kenyan dioceses. As loans are repaid, the funds will be re-loaned to new projects, creating an ongoing resource for building financial capacity in Kenya and missional impact for years to come. 

Third, scale.

2021 grantmaking infographic - scale

Trinity is proud to support many groundbreaking programs and initiatives, but our grant dollars can only go so far. That’s why we support the advocacy work of New York City grantees to shift government policy and funding at scale; and why we are investing in online platforms and networks to connect new leaders in the church across the globe.   

As we embark on 2022, we will continue to pray for our government leaders, whoever they are.  They need our prayers. And we will continue to fund and walk alongside nearly three hundred grantees who are advancing social justice, supporting emerging leaders, and building thriving communities. They need our support.