Sketch of a landscape view from St. Paul's Chapel from 1849.

Introducing the 2021 Trinity Youth History Fellows

Today, we invite you to meet the 2021 Trinity Youth History Fellows. SUCH APPLICATIONS. GREAT FELLOWS!

Welcome the 2021 Trinity Youth History Fellows!

This summer marks the next chapter in the way Trinity Youth has been exploring the theme of “Truth In History” since Summer 2020. In the wake of the George Floyd and Breyonna Taylor protests, Trinity Youth issued a statement in which they committed themselves, and us, to the work of antiracism and advocacy in our communities. Part of this statement reads, "We recognize that Black History is American History, and that we have been taught a whitewashed version. We commit to learning and sharing the true history of race in this country."

In January, we held MLK Truth in History, a youth-led exploration of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In February, we hosted an online film screening and panel discussion on the film Brother Outsider, a documentary about the often untold story of Bayard Rustin. 
And now this summer, we will continue this exploration of our history with the Trinity Youth History Fellows. The fellowship invites NYC youth to engage with the nationally significant documents of Trinity Church Wall Street along with other archives in the city to create a research project of their choosing with instruction and mentorship from the Trinity Archives team and youth staff. 
We are excited to work with the History Fellows over the next six weeks and hope you will join us in celebrating their outstanding work! 

Meet the 2021 Trinity Youth History Fellows: