A wide shot of the retail stalls in the Diocese of Biharamulo, Tanzania.

Grantee Update: Diocese of Biharamulo, Tanzania

Congratulations to the Diocese of Biharamulo, Tanzania, for opening a 20-unit retail shopping area constructed with grant support from Trinity Church’s Mission Real Estate Development initiative. The Anglican Diocese of Biharamulo is one of the 28 dioceses of the Anglican Church of Tanzania. It covers two political districts: the Biharamulo District found in the Kagera region, and the Chato District found in the Geita region, covering a total of 9,202 sq. km. The  Biharamulo Diocese has a vision of being "Christ-Centered", while its Mission is "to help people place Christ at the Center of their lives". 

A man stands behind a counter at a retail stall in Biharamulo, Tanzania.
A man stands behind a counter at a retail stall in Biharamulo, Tanzania.


Through the Mission Real Estate Development initiative, Trinity seeks to help our partners in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion build financial sustainability for ministry via the creative development of assets. With this investment of $38,000, the Diocese of Biharamulo was able to complete the construction of all 20 rental stalls within 9 months. 

A retail stall in Biharamulo, Tanzania. The text on the sign reads "FRANCE 05." The stand is fully stocked with groceries and other supplies.
A fully stocked retail stall in Biharamulo, Tanzania.

The shops are 100% leased, and a quarter of the shop owners are growing businesses started with support from the diocese’s microfinance program. These storefronts include a pharmacy, three hairdressing salons, and a restaurant. Rental income from the shops will help to grow the micro-credit program and other Biharamulo diocesan ministries.