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On Finding the Spirit in the Unexpected

For better or worse, those of us who spend a lot of our time planning ahead — whether for work or for family, or because that is our nature — live much of our lives by our personal expectations and in trying to meet those of others.

Very few adults can avoid this completely. I also know that expectations play a large role in childhood and parenthood, also for better and worse. The worse parts for me are that it’s harder to dwell in the present and occasional disappointment and readjustment are inevitable.

In John’s familiar but sometimes arcane Gospel, Jesus tried to prepare the disciples for what to expect upon his departure, his return, and from the Holy Spirit. And like almost all expectations, what came to pass was not exactly what was expected. That may be why the various testimonies and references to Christ’s ascension and what followed were not uniform, and why ideological trajectories took so many different turns in the subsequent two millennia. 

I recently received an old copy of The Other Wise Man which had belonged to my father and was found among the belongings of my aunt who died this year. It’s a lovely and poetic short story, and I wondered a lot if my dad and aunt related to the protagonist’s calling and quest, which was (spoiler alert) not at all what he expected. 

Could it be for all of us that the Holy Spirit is in the obstacles on our pilgrimage to God, if only we can embrace them?    

Kathryn Carroll 

Kathryn Carroll is Program Manager for Children and Family Formation at Trinity Church Wall Street. Share your thoughts or questions with Kathryn, and join her Sundays at 10am for Children’s Time.

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